5 Series GT Embargo Broken – Official Images Surface

5 Series GT

The cheeky lads at Automobile.fr have broken the iron-clad press embargo for the 5 Series GT. Yeah not cool but they ‘re worth a look.Go get ’em while they ‘re hot.

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  • JonPD

    Hmm still have to say a lowpoint of BMW design for me personally. Would rather drive a BMW SUV than one of these, and coming from me that means a lot as I have zero tolerance for SUV’s in general.

    I know this car is aimed squarely at “older” BMW drivers which why it doesn’t really doesn’t do much for me. Just hoping when I hit 70 my sense of design doesn’t erode enough to make me think this car looks any better heh.

  • RJ

    Hmmm…..I’ll second that thought….a lowpoint for BMW styling efforts. Beat heavily with the ugly stick. Can we hope that this won’t be sold in the US market, or hope that it dies a quick death?

  • Mike

    The GT has the front end of a sanded 2009 7 Series and the rear end of a short 2008 X6…it’s laughable. BMW design performed a lazy cut and paste. It’s annoying that this vehicle wears the prestigious number 5, it dilutes the model.

    Because of its exterior this model will be retired and destined to be a side show in the BMW museum after one year.

    I’ll tell you what is is NOT laughable, hell that deserves enthusiastic applause, is that interior. WOW. Probably the best BMW interior I have seen to date.

    It’s a shame the personality it has inside is wasted on a pig of an exterior.

  • ucla95

    When on sale??