BMW Intros NEW Turbo Inline 6 Engine

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We recently discussed the V8 powering the ///M versions of the X5 and X6 here at BimmerFile in great detail. In our coverage of that motor we alluded that BMW will begin to use twin-scroll turbos in future motor applications; that day has come.

This new motor will debut in the EU in the soon to launch 5 Series GT (F07), as the 535i GT.This 2,979cc six-cylinder powerplant is the first ever to combine a single dual scroll turbo with VALVETRONIC – BMW’s system that varies how much the engine’s valves open for optimum efficiency. This combination ensures the car meets the latest emission regulations while offering the best performance possible. In EU form the engine is rated at 306hp /(295 ft/lbs.) and features High precision direct injection technology for added efficiency.

By using a twin scroll turbo BMW is effectively able to use a single unit, which in the past would have required two. In looking at these pictures we are sure a few of you will notice a main difference from this motor and those of the past…

Stay tuned for more detailed coverage of this new 6 cylinder motor; for now your comments and questions are always welcome!

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  • Rich

    Will this be replacing the N54 in the 2012 3 Series (F35)?

  • jb

    My guess is you’ll see a turbo 4 replace the N54, and the above engine reserved for the M3. All the engines are going down a step in size across the model linup

  • Nick

    this is pretty exciting 🙂

  • This motor will see a variety of applications in the not so distant future; the first being in the 5 GT.

    The design of this motor now includes Valvetronic which provides greater throttle response and increased efficiency….. foreshadowing of things to come. Also, note the manifold entry into the turbo; looks a bit familiar….

    Keep in mind this motor uses a small turbo (low inertia) with all the exhaust flowing through it, so it should increase response, have no perceivable lag and produce the same HP/torque numbers of the current N54 with improved efficiency and it should weigh less. The N54 uses the exhaust gas from 3 cylinders to spool a turbo, and does not have valvetronic.

    Like we have been saying for a long time, the BMW engineers have been working on many new motors and they will be introduced sooner than later as part of the push of Efficient Dynamics. The next phase has already begun, and we will continue to bring you the info as we always do…


  • Dan

    Very cool. I was wondering how this compared to the N54, thanks for the analysis Michael.

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