BF Exclusive: Leaked MINI Prototype a Fake

Photoshop of MINI Crossover Exterior from

Last our sister site MotoringFile exposed the interior image seen in Automobile.Fr as a forgery. This week we ‘re doing the same to the exterior photoshop image. Instead of debating the image for days upon days we thought we ‘d go straight to the source and ask the always candid Gert Hildebrand (director of all things design at MINI) while at MINI United. His response was straight forward and clearly sincere. The images (interior and exterior) are both fake. A simple answer from the man who would know.

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  • Nick

    This is obviously a 1/24 model of a Mini Cooper that someone fancied up.

    Notice how they are absolutely no wheel bolts or studs, or even a cover that would house such items? All we see is a nice black “hole” in the center of each wheel…interesting….

    Perhaps the most telling point is the gas cap….it’s exactly the same as the Burago 1/24 die cast model I am holding up in front of me right now which I bought from wal-mart. Unless Mini specifically designed an unopenable gas tank that is fused with the body and has the same color (going against previous generations).

    Most importantly, there is absolutely no size reference in any of these pictures. Some person mocked up a small model 1/24 model and managed to initially fool so many people 🙂