BMWNA E46 Class Action Settlement

Many owners of 99-06 model year BMW 3 series vehicles have reported failures of the rear-axle supports in the vehicles sub-frame caused by cracking and defects. BMW has steadfastly denied any charges of wrongdoing made against it in the lawsuit but has issued the following statement and owners or leasees can refer to an established website for further information.

BMW NA Official Statement. BMW has agreed to a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit concerning the Sub-Frame structures on 3 Series (“E46”) models produced from 1999 through 2006. Under rare conditions the attachment points of the Sub-Frame may develop a fracture or crack. BMW has prepared an inspection, approved repair procedure, and reimbursement policy in keeping with the terms of the proposed class settlement. Details will be forthcoming, pending the court’s final approval of the proposed class settlement. In advance of the final settlement, BMW customers with questions should visit

Here is a video displaying the aforementioned fracture

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  • This is great to hear. As someone who has had a subframe failure on a 2000 E46 Touring I can attest to BMW taking care of everything perfectly. It was my understanding that (barring the car being used as a racecar) BMWNA would take care of this issue without too many questions. However it’s nice to know that kind of care is now officially on paper.

  • RJ

    This has also been an issue with some of the E36-based Z3 roadsters/coupes, as well as the Z3-based M roadsters/coupes….wonder if this group will be addressed as well….

  • Chris B.

    Hmm, seems pretty unacceptable for a top dollar premium car maker like BMW.

  • I got my class action paperwork in the mail this week (June 20, 2009). Currently I don’t believe I have a problem with my 2003 325xiT but I will have it checked now and once again near the end of the one year repair timeframe from the proposed settlement (9/2009). Good piece of mind for a six year old car with 70K miles. Granted, it should never have happened to begin with but I am happy to know it will/would be fixed without charge.