Next 1 Series Come into Focus


One of the more prolific sources of information on the greater web has been a fairly anonymous web poster named Scott27. Reportedly he works deep within BMW ‘s marketing department and is one of those rare employees who lets a few details slip from time to time. In his latest comments on he gives us some further insight into the next generation 1 Series. One of the main aspects that is important in understanding the following information is that the next 1 Series will be built using a modular platform as we ‘ve talked about previously here on BF. It will be shared with the next MINI as well. This will allow BMW to be very cost efficient in creating different variations of the car to cater to new segments.

Much what what he says we ‘ve already reported but it ‘s both confirmation and further details on a car we ‘re all eagerly anticipating. Here are a couple of excerpt from those posts. In them he lays out the high level structure of all the upcoming 1er models and how they fit within newly designated customer categories.

Efficient Dynamics: Why the BMW 1er will spearhead the first premium line up in the compact segment to offer a hybrid drivetrain for each variant.

Efficient Dynamics Part 2: Pioneer to Leader – The first generation of 1er brought many efficient technologies to the compact segment. The second generation will also bring new options and technology that will be seen across the whole BMW portfolio.

Putting it altogether: How the new 1er will resist the usual jump in weight by using lightweight materials and sophisticated bonding techniques.

Efficiency to Performance: Excitement for enthusiasts at every level.

The Traditional Portfolio.

  • BMW 1er
  • BMW 1er Active Hybrid .
  • BMW 1er Sporthatch.

The Sporting Portfolio.

  • BMW 1er Coupe
  • BMW 1er Cabrio.
  • BMW 1er SuperSports.
  • BMW Z2.
  • BMW Z2 Coupe.

The Lifestyle Portfolio.

  • BMW X1.
  • BMW X2.
  • BMW 1er Gran Turismo.
  • BMW Y1.

The Final Curtain

  • BMW 135i (E82) Lightweight BMW Performance Concept ., (Lightweight materials , 2 matt paint options)

There you have it. The full rundown of the next 1er. Or so it would seem. Surely there are outside pressures that may change some of this in the years ahead. But based on other sources we have this looks to be the real deal.

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  • Barry

    Good stuff, thanks for the analysis!

  • Hunter

    What the heck is a Y1??

  • Y1 is going to be a 2 seater coupe with a higher driving position and more aggressiveness; possibly with AWD. It will be one of the next design studies.

  • Micah

    Can’t wait to see details about the 1er SuperSports and Z2 Coupe. While it seems unlikely due to recent BMW trends toward using turbocharged engines, for the SuperSports I’d love to see a high-revving normally aspirated 4-cylinder engine in a simple lightweight RWD package (i.e., under 2700lbs) with a nice mechanical feeling manual tranny, heavy clutch, communicative steering, and devoid of any unneccesary electronics like nav and iDrive. BMW, please do not make the torque curve flat from 1500-6000rpm. While cars like the 135 and 335 may be fast in almost any situation from any rpm, such a motor takes away from the challenge and fun of having to learn how to drive the car.

    From recent conversations with my driving enthusiast friends, drivers are yearning for such a simple lightweight high performance car that returns control to the pilot first and foremost.

    If BMW builds it, buyers will come!

  • Bob

    Share the MINI platform? Wow! We used to say a BMW is a BMW is a BMW. Now we say a BMW is a BMW is a MINI. Audi’s are really VW’s, Lexus are really camery’s, now BMW’s are really MINI’s. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Should we blame this on Obama?

  • Mike

    Bob, Maybe it should be a MINI is a BMW? I would like to see a redesign of this car with the sagging midsection given a ‘tummy tuck’ and the headlights changed so they are a little meaner than the bug-eye, goosed look they have now.

    I also like the idea that the 1er is not going to share the platform of the 3 series to be able to reduce the weight of the car. This is supposed to be the smallest car in the lineup for BMW (next to the Z4) but it is almost as heavy as the 3 series that it is based on.

    With the new modular platform and light weight materials, maybe we can get back to the fun of driving like the e30 cars.

  • Bob

    Mike, or the 2002. A light weight 1 series with a small displacment, 4 cylinder turbo in the 250 hp plus range would be sweet.