Autocar Reviews the New Z4


Autocar ‘s take on the Z4 is a little less stellar than other reviews but not that removed from what we ‘ve read elsewhere:

The cabin is designed thoughtfully and its perceived quality is beyond criticism. Little wonder BMW sees no need for a coupé-only version of this car, because it is so capable at swapping its feel between open-top sportster and snug coupé. The drivetrain on this sDrive35i model is excellent to its core, too.

However, it’s hard to escape the feeling that there’s something missing. The Z4’s steering isn’t intuitive, and although the chassis will ultimately exhibit fine balance and ability, getting it to reveal its talents is a less enjoyable exercise than it should be.

+ Z4 S Drive 35i / Autocar

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  • Bob

    Eventhough I drive a ZM coupe, I’m not thrilled with the new Z. Too “girlie” for me, too much like the small M-B roadster. BMW even claims it was designed by 2 woman. They should put thier best engineers on a car regardless of gender. Honestly I’d get the Cayman before I bought one of these and it is very rare I don’t like a BMW over everything else.

  • Matt

    I’d probably buy a Cayman, too. That said, perhaps I like girlie cars as I had a chance to drive the new Z4 35i yesterday and it didn’t in the least strike me as feminine.

  • Eliot R.

    Here’s the problem for me: for 60 grand (the price of a well-equipped Z4 Sdrive35i) I would far, far sooner see myself in a decently specced M3 sedan than in this new Z4.

    Even if the Z4 was a great car, it wouldn’t match the M3, sacrificing the open air experience for the sports car thrills I really want.

  • RJ

    I hope that the move upmarket for the Z4 will leave room for the rumored Z2, and hopefully that rumored Z2 will be more of an out and out sports car, versus a M-B SLK / Z4 tourer.