Car Magazine Ask the Question – Which is the Best M3 of All Time?


Car Magazine asked itself the question enthusiasts have been asking for years – which M3 is the best. However this version is in podcast form. Well worth a listen for any M3 fan.

+ New M3 – the best ever? / Car Magazine

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  • JonPD

    As a major fan of performance cars I agree the new M3 is a tad soft and a bit overweight. Love the engine and its still a very capable car, however I think that BMW did a decent job with the new car. I doubt the CSL will be tuned enough to really turn my crank totally on the performance front but will be interested in seeing what they do with it.

    While I would take the car with little thought it would always chew at the edge of my brain that /M is becoming less of a performance brand as much as a sub brand that’s making decent performing family cars.

  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    E30 being the original and certainly the breakthrough for the M brand recognition in the U.S. is in my opinion the best M3 ever created. I would have to call the E46 the second best. I feel it has a better balance and feels more solid than the E36. I haven’t driven the E90/E92’s so I cannot comment on those.

  • JonPD

    For me the E36 M with the S54 was the best of the clan so far, while I love the sound of the E92 M I think it to soft and much to heavy.

    Top of the M3’s off all time is a easy choice 2001 E46 GTR

  • M_Power

    The great late 1989/early 1990 E30 M3 Evolution III Sport (2.5 Euro Spec). If I could choose any M3 ever built it would have to be one of these. Of course never drove one, but was driven in the back seat of one of these long long time ago….Without a dount, that event is responsible for making me an M3 fan….

    Not sure if it qualifies, but I would also list the very rare E30 M3 based Alpina B6 3.5S. I saw one in Alpina Blau few summers ago in London.

    I am a big fan of S54B32 engine, not so much of E46 body work, and I think E92 M3 looks are awesome, but I am not too sure about that V8. If they are ging back to 6 cyl as it seems they are, hope they choose an atmospheric inline 6….I am sure it won’t happen, turbos are inevitable…

  • Eliot R.

    E92 M3 for me. Everything about it is what I would want a car to be. The way it feels, the way it goes, the way it handles, all while being practical and comfortable means would I never feel the urge for anything more.

  • I am a bit biased but the E90 M3 is the one I would vote for- Outside the E30 there is no competition.