Is it Growing on You?

Since the initial debut of the 5er GT, there have been few that actually admit to liking the look. While I love the idea in concept (I am a HUGE wagon fan), I am waiting to see it in person before I cast any true judgment on the design of the final car.

A recent spy shot from some ‘Ring testing shows the car has some promise. With the larger wheels, sports pack and some serious spring compression, dare I say it looks “good “?

BMW 550i GT

Photo: Spyshots.NL

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  • Drill

    I’ll admit that I kind of like the body style but for me the issue is more… how much real world useful space will the fastback/sportback style actually provide over the sedan? Can’t wait to see it in the “flesh”.

  • JonPD

    No surprise here but still uglier than sin to my eye, expect grandma to crawl out of it. It screams design wise as a car developed for the “aging” group of BMW owners. Having said that I am sure it will sell, although I will laugh to myself seeing anybody younger than 70 buying one.

  • A better name would be Aztec GT.

  • StephenMCS

    It seems to be a more practical road going version of the X6.

    And I give full marks to BMW for inventing the X6; at last an SUV that doesn’t try to mimic a Range Rover – the ultimate in luxury SUVs.

    But then the more you think about the 5er GT; you start to wonder if BMW is just trying to mimic a Citroen. Either the C6 or C5.

  • Joy

    Saw one on display at BMWNA’s headquarters during the BMWCCA NJ meeting. There were no model badges and the roundels were taped over. The pictures do not do it any justice. Although I don’t see the purpose of yet another behemoth in the BMW lineup, it looked nice in the flesh. Folks were crawling all over it. It seemed that a lot of them liked the way it looked. I’ve been seeing a lot of X6s on the road lately, so maybe they’re onto something?

  • chaz

    I’m a wagon fan too (I just took my wagon to the track yesterday, and had no trouble keeping up with the rest of the e90 crowd). However, the GT5 just looks big and heavy to me. The spring compression just makes that worse in my eye. Its not a track car, and given the target audience’s age, I don’t think they are going to want a lowered track car either.

  • TMQ

    I don’t quite get some people’s responses. The car doesn’t look that different from the X6. And it sits lower and therefore has a better stance from the side, like the Acura ZDX.

    I like the look. And you know, Audi will have similar cars out soon, A5/A7 sportback. Not to mention the Panamera.

  • JonPD

    All of which are aimed heavily at the social security group of drivers. Guess part of my problem is that the X6 really doesn’t do anything for me either.