BMW 1er

More info from inside Munich this morning. Apparently the German magazine Auto Zeitung has created a rendering that is fairly spot on (we ‘re guessing except for the lower front clip which we can ‘t imagine would be a derivative of the next 5 Series). Here ‘s an excerpt from Scott27 ‘s post at GCZ:

>As you can see here the strong line that begins from the rear headlamps and widens as it gets past the front doors on the actual car the line goes to the front and cuts of the headlights like a lid the design trait is classic BMW , evident on the 2002 it is a modern interpretation of the classic bathtub or boat look line.
The scupture at the base of the side flanks is a variation on todays boat like design line – although less rounded on the next generation of 1er this interpretation takes the lead from the X1 and begins from the roof , flowing around the rear hoffmeister quarter light , allowing the rear wheel arch and sharply cut into the flanks ending at the front of the front wheel arch.

>When BMW ‘s next development of LED technology comes on stream the headlamps will be replaced by strips that by daylight are dark but when fully illuminated they take appearance of the double halo lights. With this option RR Phantom esque driving lights sit below the LED ‘s.

>BMW now that they look upon the 1er Sporthatch feel that they neglected the chance to produce a Golf GTi Rival with the current car , instead of using the same engines and specifications as the current 5dr .
For the next generation of 1er Sporthatch , BMW will tap into the hot hatch market with a Sporthatch “Supersport ” model.