Chris Bangle on the Car

It ‘s not a new speech, but it ‘s one of the former BMW design chiefs best. And it helps in understanding where BMW ‘s thinking was over the last ten years. It also leads into the 3 and 5 Series GT and the ideas behind them.


+ Chris Bangle: The Man that Saved BMW? / BimmerFile

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  • Eliot R.

    It really is a shame that Bangle left BMW. Everything I read and hear from him makes me a believer in his methods.

  • seachange

    He expresses very well the complexity and oddity of his brain that was reflected in the design

    Fortunately now it’s past

  • ivan

    ‘seachange’ obviously doesn’t understand the brilliance that was Bangle. It’s amazing how many car companies have copied many of his design ideas. Everyone scoffed at the “Bangle butt” of the 7 series, yet that design cue has been copied in some form by Mercedes, Hyundai and Toyota.

    It’s always the ones who lead who take the hits for being “different”, then when others copy it’s considered acceptable.

  • JonPD

    Still one of my favorite Bangle video’s, I am one of those that believes 4.00 is better but I have a huge amount of respect for the Art side of industrial design.