F20 1 Series Caught on Video

You can clearly see (based on the E90 behind it at one point in the video) that the next 1 Series (F20) will be a little taller and larger.

+ F20 on Video / Bimmerpost

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  • JonPD

    Not to bad, still in the best history of BMW with the ever growing of their cars. The car looks decent enough, looks like it may be a little taller/upright in the front end.

    Question is 10 years from now when the 1 is as large as the current 3 what will the next “small” BMW be 😉

  • Dr Obnxs

    Ack! Exactly the opposite of what the car needs! Heck, the only thing keeping it from being one of the all time bests was it’s curb weight. It’s a 3 series of what, 5-10 years ago? IF this grows, then the only room BMW will have for new smaller cars will be the -1 series!


  • JonPD

    News feed from 2025

    BMW introduces another car aimed at its enthusiast owners the new BMW .001