BMW NA Offers $4,500 Tax Credit for Diesels

Official Release: Efficiency may be the buzzword of the moment in the automotive industry, but it’s hardly a new concept at BMW. We’ve always lived by the EfficientDynamics philosophy – less emissions without sacrificing performance. So when the government recently announced its ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program to reward Americans for driving more fuel-efficient cars, we were inspired to begin an incentive program of our own. Now through August 31, BMW will give you a $4,500 Eco Credit toward your purchase of a 335d or an X5 xDrive35d – the most fuel-efficient vehicles in their class.

But the savings go beyond this limited-time offer. You’ll also receive a $900 tax credit3 on the 335d and $1,800 on the X5 xDrive35d. And like any BMW, both diesel vehicles come with 4 years/50,000 miles of zero-cost maintenance. Plus, its best-in-class efficiency will save you approximately $2,000 in fuel costs over four years.4 The question now is not should you or shouldn’t you. Instead, it’s simply: Are you in the mood for a sleek, all-new sedan or a versatile Sports Activity Vehicle?

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  • Drill

    Let me guess, this offer doesn’t extend to BMW Military Sales nor to those financing outside of BMW Financial Services, right?

  • Drill

    The $900 and $1800 Diesel Tax Credits are showing up on the BMWUSA configurator for those interested!

  • Mike

    I demo’ed a BMW X5 xDrive 3.5d this past Wednesday night at the BMW CCA Boston Chapter meeting and was VERY impressed.

    It was my first time in an X5. The throttle response of the turbo diesel was prompt and full of torque. 0-100kmh can’t be a long wait in that vehicle. And the cornering was extremely uncharacteristic for an SUV that size, it drove more like an E39 540.

    For you diesel haters: while it was not as quiet at idle as a gas engine – you do hear a bit of that diesel engine ping at idle – the normal diesel characteristics are not present in this SUV. When under normal driving conditions it produces no more noise than its gasoline counterparts…and under heavy acceleration it is almost too quiet! I kind of yearned for that diesel growl when I mashed on the gas, but BMW knows how Americans generally feel about diesels and have done a great job of preventing any cabin noise or smell.

    With the tax credit, I can’t think of one reason anyone should want to purchase a gasoline X5 over a diesel X5…unless they are considering the upcoming X5 M. 🙂

  • mellowmcs

    Looks like this isn’t a tax credit but rather a rebate towards the purchase of a diesel model. I don’t see how a car manufacturer can give a “tax credit.”

    Well FWIW I guess our house will be home to a new 335d within the week or two 🙂

    I’ve been trying to justify the price of entry for the diesel models the past few months and this 4500 rebate just made up my mind for me. Heck this makes it now cheaper than a 335i!!!

  • Fillip

    This is nothing new… this is the $4,500 market allowance (trunk money) that BMW has on these cars, they are just making it public and using it in their advertising to take advantage of the people that will be out looking for more efficient cars due to Cash for Clunkers.

  • TMQ

    I wonder if the people who bought these vehicles earlier got the same deal? This is a pretty big rebate.

  • Joseph

    This is only for US and not available in Canada?

  • US only, this is not a BMW program but the Federal cash for “clunkers” initiative.

  • mellowmcs

    Well I got the car. 4500 off msrp plus I asked for another 2000 off and got that as well. Taking delivery next week. Then I’ll send off the form for my $500 rebate from BMWCCA. Great deal IMO.