BMW X6 Hybrid Caught Testing in US

[pictobrowser motoringfile 72157621806417550]

One of our intrepid readers caught the X6 eDrive (yes that BMW speak for Hybrid now) just outside the Spartanburg Plant in South Carolina. Seen here for the first time are the new unique 20 ” wheels that will be available as an option on the new hybrid. Other unique exterior features (currently covered in black tape) will be limited to the “power dome ” or hood buldge and that unique “eDrive ” badging.

Look for the new X6 hybrid to roll off the production line and into dealerships by the end of this year.

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  • Mike

    Great blackout job. Were it not for the poster informing us we never would have been able to tell it was an X6 hybrid…expect for the fact it is obviously an X6 and says HYBRID on the back.

    Obvious intentional leak by BMW NA, they should have not even bothered taping it up.

  • Kevin

    BTW – I was at the Spartaburg plant on Monday morning. Got in on a last minute plant tour and at the very end of the tour we witnessed an X6 on a dyno…

    The interesting part, it was a “secret” X6 hybrid. “Officially” BMW was not working on one according to the tour guide, but the big HYBRID sticker on the side obviously wasn’t trying to hide anything.

    I believe this must be the one I saw on the dyno hitting 140kph…and pretty quickly I might add…

  • There- is some tweaking of the power output going on with these hybrids. While the X6 will be a two-mode (electric only for brief periods) the 7 will not be. The 7 hybrid is reportedly from our sources putting out more power than originally expected thanks to improved electric drive power and in current form is putting out more power with greater efficiency than the 760!

  • Will BMW be changing the roundel colors to green/white for the Hybrids? 😉

  • I’ve seen one in Ontario, Canada as well… A beautiful light blue colour with “Active Hybrid” on the boot and camouflage on the badge.