E92/E93 3 Series Facelift Coming into Focus

[pictobrowser motoringfile 72157621942294722]

Like the E90 before it, BMW is working on refreshing E92 and E93 3 series Coupe and Convertible with front and rear facia tweaks, LED lighting and larger mirrors. These photos come from Bimmerpost and are the first that we ‘ve seen that show how close these cars are to launching.

Additionally we expect BMW ‘s latest update to the twin turbo inline 3.0L engine to make it ‘s way to these models. With around 326 hp through improved engine management, the updated engines will soon make their way across the entire range.

Look for the cars to debut this fall.

Photos courtesy of Bimmerpost.

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  • FYI, the newest (4th generation) iDrive system has been available in the E92 since September 2008 production. -Matt

  • Catalin

    The latest N54 update is in fact the twin-scroll, single turbo N55 engine present on the 5-series GT, which produces the same 306hp/400Nm as the N54. The 326hp is produced by N54 only using the BMW Performance Power Kit. I don’t think BMW will make the power kit as standard in the 335i (maybe an option), because at this time it focuses more on emissions than power.

  • Mike

    At first glance (on my RSS reader) I thought this headline read “E92/E93 3 Series Facelift Coming to the Focus”. I thought, “Wow Ford and BMW?!”

  • freeman

    The front end now looks like a Pontiac. The internal changes to the engine will be welcome. Pontiac is Dead! Long live Pontiac!!

  • The power kit does not impact emissions. The N55 will not be introduced into the 3 Series first in the US….. expect to see the N55 in the X5 refresh, also debuting soon! The X5 is the only model in the US without a turbo gas version, so it will see the N55 then the 5er GT. The N55 is not meant to replace the N54; there are differences in power output.

    The N54 will be updated with more efficient turbos and added cooling much like the 740i in the EU features; which also happens to be the power kit in many ways.

  • Mike

    @freeman: Unfortunately I agree, the same can be said about a lot of cars these days. Thank the stringent US and EU pedestrian safety requirements on car design for that…front ends need to be low enough to strike below the knee and the hood near the windshield needs to be high enough to create the space needed to fit an engine. The result is a safer car but really limits was designers can do, hence the common Pontiac-like wedge front end.

  • There are minimal sheet metal changes so the car is not going to look like a Pontiac. The lights, mirrors and a more aggressive bumper is about it. The current coupe/convert has a wedge shape as well. The tape throws off the eye.

    Rumors are that this car will get the next generation headlights that can swivel more and the updated halos.

  • RJ

    re: the Pontiac / BMW resemblance….the main photo does have a kind of late Pontiac GTO appearance about it….perhaps that would be one way to prop up Pontiac resale values – apply a few strategically-placed roundels!!