Next Generation 3 Series Development Speeds-Up for 2011 Launch


British magazine Autocar has a report today that both verifies and expands on much of what we ‘ve been reporting on the new 3er over the last few months. In the drivetrain department expect the current range of six cylinder engines to be refined and joined by new four and three cylinder power-plants. Efficiency and in some cases power will be key attributes as BMW further defines itself as a world leader in efficient dynamics.

On the outside BMW will be creating a look based on the new corporate design language that should be as slippery through the air (.24 CD) as it is aggressive and sporty looking.

We ‘ll have more in the days ahead.

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  • Holland

    Very, very nice! I hope this will be the next gen 3-er. I also hope fore the USA that they will get smaller spec. cars, because there great! Why is it accually that BMW still won’t sell them in USA?

    (sorry for my writing, greets from Holland)

  • RJ

    The last four cylinder BMWs sold in the US in the late 1990s were the 318ti and Z3, both with the 1.9 liter engines. I believe that BMW wanted to disassociate itself with 4 cylinder engines, as it wanted to be known more for its 6 and 8 cylinder engines, seen to be more in fitting with its sports/luxury image in the US.

  • Rich

    Ah.. glad to see they’re still keeping the 6cyl engines they’re known for. Will it be the twin-turbo N54, or the new single-turbo N55?

  • Chris B.

    Hmmm. I wonder how much it look like the rendering, or not(as it probably won’t)? Slick and aggressive should be the brief for the guys at Designworks for project F**. While the current car looks decent, in my eyes it’s just that and should be much more. The F01/2 leading the way for the theme and tone of the next generation of BMW designs is promising as that is quite an attractive car. Now how about the 3 pots crossing the Atlantic to the red, white and blue? Surely Americans should be accepting of such an idea with the willingness to drive slow as dripping glue Prius’s and Smart’s.

  • Scott

    Hmmm. Between this and the Autocar renderings the car looks a little too much like the Volkswagen CC for my tastes.

    Not bad but I am hoping the final product looks a bit more BMW-like. Aside from the twin-kidney grille it looks really ordinary in this drawing.