BMWNA 2010 Ordering Guides

Hot off the presses for your downloading pleasure! Worth noting is that the moonroof is no longer standard on 328s, though HD Radio is now included. There is also new package “ZVP ” (Value Package) for 328 models which bindles: iPod/USB adapter, 17 ” wheels and Leather together.We should have pricing shortly.

+ 2010 BMW Ordering Guides / PDF

Thanks to everyone for sending this in.

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  • Matt

    What is SULEV?

  • Good question. I’d like to see what Jade Grey looks like.

  • RJ

    Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) is a U.S. classification for conventionally powered or gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle designed to produce minimal air pollution at their point of use, typically 90% less than that of an equivalent ordinary full gasoline vehicle.

  • Matt

    So there will be a new version of the 1 series in NA (SULEV)?

  • Reuben

    Looks like the Steptronic stays here in the US for the 335 in 2010. I’m a little sad, as I was hoping for a double clutch option like our friends in Europe. At least I have incentive now to hang on to my GTI a little longer, or buy a used 335. Two good alternatives to tide me over till 2011…

  • SULEV is not a new vehicle/motor- it is the N51 3.0 inline six, it is a derivative of the original N52 with a few added components to decrease emissions. Output and fuel efficiency remain the same, the N51 is specifically for CARB states and has been here since 2006 if my memory serves me correct.

    The DCT transmission will not be available in the US until the E92/93 LCI, do not expect to see it offered in the sedan. As I always say BMWNA will launch a new technology in a new model/refresh before it sees the light of day in other models, saves on marketing as they can tout the new tech during the launch and kill two birds with one stone. Z4 has the DCT…. same goes for motors. There is a lot of new product to launch and things will be staggered a bit.

  • Tim

    Where are the regular X5’s?

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  • Matt

    When is the E92 LCI going to occur?

  • Natextr

    Interesting that they have the X3 “SOP” at 9/09. Is this just a carry-over through the fall until the new X3 drops? Or is the SC built 2010 X3???

  • Nate- I was just at the plant a few weeks ago and there is no way SC will be ready for the X3 until late this year early next. The MINI SUV will take over the line in Austria early next year. The SC built X3 will start production for a Spring launch, expect debut in Detroit. 2010 will be a short production year and 2011 with the new version extended; think of the E90 intro and the E46 exit…

    Hope that helps!