BimmerFile Podcast Bimmercast #2

This week not only brings you a new show but a new name for BimmerFile podcasts. From here on out look for it to be known simply as the Bimmercast. In this week ‘s show we hit the higher points of the last two weeks of BMW news along with a few dedicated topics:

  • X6 and the DPC system
  • Z4 and why everyone on Top Gear loves it
  • BMW canceling F1
  • 550i GT and it ‘s biggness
  • BMW Rahal/Letterman racing and the M3
  • The new BMW sub-brand iSetta

Look for another show next week.

Bimmercast #2:[audio:]

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  • JonPD

    Great show guys!

    Can’t even begin to let on how much I am looking forward to Frankfurt this year. Quite possibly one of the biggest shows for the BMW Group in quite a while. I will be interested in seeing what I can learn about their future plans by looking at what is presented.

    As for the E36 M series of cars, I will be interested in hearing your view on this as its been a heated point of discussion between friends over beer heh.

    I am very happy to see Dr. Seglar moving into the M division, I think this will be a excellent overall fit. Lets just hope we don’t see the next generation M cars looking exactly like the base cars their developed from and lacking a sports tuned suspension 😉

  • txdesign

    Agreed. I hope the Z2 (Coupe for me please) and Mini Speedster concepts are home runs. Looking at the pic of the little iSetta I wonder if suicide doors are illegal in the US. The car seems to be a perfect candidate for them since it gets narrower toward the rear.