Next Generation 1 Series Spied!

[pictobrowser bimmerfile 72157622010896588]

Here are some recent shots of the next 5 door BMW 1 Series hatch (code named F20) undergoing testing at the ‘Ring. Looks from these images to have grown a tad bit in size but not as much as many feared.

It will be sometime before we will see this car stateside. The coupe/convert will be around until about 2012, the hatch being released earlier in the EU is due for a model change around next fall. We will of course update you as time goes on!

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  • blalor

    I dig the wheels. 🙂

    Bigger? Seriously? They couldn’t have left it alone for even one revision? Disgusting.

  • rwa

    I assume by “we will see this car stateside” you mean the 1 series in general, not the 5 door hatch in particular? Or do you think there’s some hope for the hatch back 1 series making it to the US this generation?

  • JonPD

    Any idea about the weight Michael?

    I will be interested in seeing what they end up doing with the final product. Not particularly a fan of the car growing but seems to fit BMW’s development habits, just hopping that the weight doesn’t grow also.

  • Jon- no specifics yet but we must also consider the following:

    The competition is FWD so they do not lose rear passenger space to the rear drive elements. This platform will also be shared with several vehicles, so it is scalable. The current 1 has received mixed reviews in the EU secondary to it being priced higher than VW offerings with less space and flexibility. It is rumored to grow only several inches to offset the RWD. Weight saving tech (new materials and techniques/welding) should keep the weight at or lower than the current model.

    While RWD has its plusses in terms of performance there are drawbacks as well, space being one of them.

    It will be interesting to see what the final product truly is.

  • txdesign

    “Bigger? Seriously? They couldn’t have left it alone for even one revision? Disgusting.”

    Agreed. How long before the Mini will be the size of the current 1-series hatch and this will be the size of the current 3-series.

  • JonPD

    Makes sense Michael, still with BMW’s well documented history of making bigger and heavier cars just makes me nervous that they have already begun to redesign what is one of the few true driver cars in the brand.

    I will be interesting to see what they come up with for sure, although I keep hoping that they could drop the weight on the 1 series as its already on the portly side.