We have reviewed the vehicles and explained the new technology in today ‘s BMW Advanced Diesels at great depth in the past so we are quite familiar with the product; the marketing is a different story. Since launching this past winter, sales have been slow (to say the least) due in part to the price-point, the slow economy and of course the stigma of being a diesel. Many ‘Mericans just can ‘t seem to grasp that modern diesels are clean, efficient and fun to drive. No smoke, stink and associated mess, just Greener than gas power. It has been a hard nut to crack and BMW is about to unleash their marketing blitz for the Advanced Diesels to help get the word out.

Beginning on August 16 at 10pm two 30 second commercials will begin airing during AMC ‘s “Mad Men “. BMW will be the exclusive sponsor of the show. In addition to the Mad Men premiere, the BMW spots will also appear on a variety of cable TV shows, including: Top Chef Las Vegas and Top Chef Masters on Bravo; The Closer, Leverage and Dark Blue on TNT. Other shows include: Travel Channel’s Man v. Food and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations; Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild and Mythbusters andSyfy’s Warehouse 13.

BMW will also be running print ads in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal touting the efficiency and $4500 ECO Credit that is being offered through the end of the month. There will be an extended spread in Vanity Fair depicting the famous Sterling Cooper advertising agency.

Be prepared for a takeover… On Monday, August 24th BMW will be front and center on both the NY Times and MSN websites. The site will go black and then the the spokesman will turn on a CFL bulb alongside the Advanced Diesels.

What all this means is that BMW is finally getting serious in pushing the Advanced Diesels. Is this a last ditch effort to see if sales will improve before they pull the plug? We doubt it, but it shows that they are not willing to let the sales slump continue. Maybe they could price them a bit more reasonably or better yet, making an ECO trimmed version without all the pomp and circumstance. We love the Advanced Diesels but at the same time, still feel they went to wrong route with them and should have gone the ECO and efficiency way rather than bringing all the power.

Source: MediaWeek