BMW Building a Polo Killer?

According to the German publication Autobild, BMW is currently in the process of creating a competitor to the VW Polo. For those of you unfamiliar with the Polo, it is a micro version of the Golf we see here in the states. What this means is that BMW is building a smaller version of the 1 if this story is to be believed. Autobild is usually reliable in their reporting but we have no additional information at this time to verify this.

We have heard from our sources BMW is building “Mega City ” vehicle(s) as part of Project-i, as in i-Setta. All our information points to vehicles that will be small/micro and feature high efficiency and low to zero emissions propulsion units. These vehicles are said to have a new distinct style that does not fit within MINI or the main BMW design language hence the reason these vehicles will be spun off into the new sub-brand, very unlikely the Autobild render would fit into that description.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information but thought the prospects of a smaller BMW vehicle may get some of our reader ‘s excited. My question is: How is this different than a MINI if this is true?

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  • Glenn

    I love it, I really hope they build it.

  • JonPD

    Think this should be interesting to see. In Eroupe I do wonder how the i-Setta brand will form up against the entry level Mini One, they seem like they are both aiming at the same general market. If they go lighter and smaller than the One I could see some difference but tend to think its going to be razor thin.

    I personally would be very happy with a smaller and lighter 1 series, I however think that’s a pipe dream sadly.

  • Charles

    My first thought is, there is no way they can go smaller than the 1 series and keep an engine in the front, mostly behind the axle, and have RWD.

    Then I read the cover again and it does say FWD. Does sound like an upscale mini. I can’t see this being much of a “danger” for the entry level Polo.

    The convertible and roadster articles look like they could be interesting…

  • lava

    Am I clear on car size classes. The Golf I think of as a C size car, the Polo as a B size. BMW would have a B size platform in the Mini, no? I would expect the i-Setta to be A size?

  • Lava- that is why I doubt this is going to happen- The POLO and MINI are in the same size range, so if BMW were to build a POLO sized car that would compete with the MINI; Why would they do that?

    What we do know is that BMW is exploring flexible platform sharing in the next 1 and with the MINI (Crosssman, etc.), the platform will accept RWD, FWD and AWD. BMW will NOT build a FWD car and MINI will not be RWD, that much is for certain.

  • lava

    Yes – I see what you are saying. But I could see the next mini platform being FWD/RWD flexible as they are doing with the 1 series – then BMW could base their small roadster on it RWD, and perhaps a small hatchback – but it would also have to be a RWD configuration.

    That would be an interesting offering, with Mini FWD and perhaps more interior space, or a little bit smaller vs a BMW B class car with RWD and a longer hood..