BimmerCast #3 (Hybrids, Heritage & Diesels)

Dave Buchko (Director of Advanced Powertrain and Heritage Communications at BMW NA) stopped by this week for conversation around hybrids, diesels and why there is no manual 335d. Here ‘s the full rundown:

  • X6 and 7 Hybrids
  • MINI E and the future
  • Current diesel range and sales
  • Future four cylinder diesel models in the US?
  • The future of drivetrain tech
  • News wrap-up and conclusions

Bimmercast #3:[audio:]

Download (19 MB MP3)

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  • JonPD

    Great show, a huge thanks for Dave taking the time out for the interview. Still waiting for somebody like BMW to work on a hybrid diesel preferably in something that weighs less than 5k lbs.

  • Big thanks to Dave for joining us, what a great informative cast!

  • Matt

    Great podcast, guys. Loved the conversation and learning a little about BMW’s process and approach to advancing powertrain technologies, fantastic.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have some time with the 335d and echo Gabe’s sentiment that this is the perfect 3-series GT car for a great majority of 3-series buyers, enthusiasts included.

    However, also having considerable history with diesel powerplants, specifically 80’s era GM units, you’ll forgive me for being a little shy about their cold-weather reliability. More than once was I stranded at my destination during the dead of winter because the block was too cold to ignite the fuel.

    I fully appreciate that BMW must have done substantial cold-weather testing with these vehicles, but having been stung in the past, I’d appreciate some assurance that my 335d will start from cold when it’s 25 below zero fahrenheit.

  • Charles

    Nice podcast!

    I smiled at the comment that one might have to shift (if driving a stick) more often with the low rpm limit of the 335d. I remember driving my modified bi-turbo Audi S4, which was interestingly similar on paper to the 335d.

    In spite of a narrower power band than I am used to, I shifted much less in that car. With ~400 ft-lbs of torque, I shifted whenever I wanted to, or not. I found there were 4-5 different gears I could be in and get all of the acceleration I wanted. With that torque, I had more passing power without shifting than most cars with automatic transmissions. So, shifting was usually entirely optional. For that matter, having 6 speeds to choose from seemed a little redundant. You are right, the automatic suites that car’s personality well.

    That BMW-Daimler 2 mode hybrid is pretty trick, eh? That is why Automobile magazine called it the technology of the year almost two years ago, stating “… Two-Mode hybrid system is the most significant gasoline-electric propulsion advancement since the original Toyota Prius. ” The were referring to a production vehicle, but of course two years ago it wasn’t a German vehicle. You were right on the money discussing about how BMW is a little late coming to the hybrid table, understandably since they have been focusing on Diesel and Hydrogen. Still, it is great to see what they can come up with when they put their minds to it (with a little help from their American friends)

  • @Charles: Good point on the shifting Charles. I thought the same thing when I listened to it myself 🙂

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