BimmerCast #4 – Your Favorite M Car

Michael and I talk about diesel, (four cylinder and six) motorsport and M cars. Specifically, what is your favorite M car. And we ‘re not talking about just any M car. We ‘re asking what you would choose pre E39 M5. That means any M car produced before 1998. Thoughts? Lets hear them below.

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  • Chris

    E34 M5 is my favorite

  • Russell

    E24 M635CSi / M6 – style, performance and race domination. And it still turns heads in traffic today.

  • M_Power

    E30 M3 Sport Evolution (2.5l, 238hp)

  • Matt

    E28 M5

  • JonPD

    Good but tough question about a pre-E86 choice. For me and my lifestyle only one real option the E30 M3. Unique beyond compare, a tad gaudy and undeniably M.

  • would a 2002 with an S14 conversion count? otherwise, gotta go with the E30 M3 if not just for the fender flares alone.

  • Mike

    Euro-spec E28 M5, no question. It’s the closest you can get to the M1 engine (other than the M635CSi) in a BMW without owning a M1…and it’s a 4 dr. sedan!

  • Paratus

    E30 M3 hands down. That car has more soul than Frank Sinatra. Diamond-schwartz black please.

  • John

    E28 M5.

  • ///MPWR

    There is a lot of charm in the E30 no question. The E46 was cool, an inline-6 seems THE M engine, so ultimately I have to go with E86. That’s why I got one:)

  • Looks like the E30 has the majority of votes at this time…. and I am the only one with an E36 vote, for me it would be between the E36 and the E34 as I always think about function first (my brain is a strange thing!)

    I was debating a 2002 tii or turbo as well, but there goes practicality and use as a daily driver. I have a strict rule of NOT having a trailer queen. If it is mine I am driving it.

    Only one vote for a modern car- the E86. Great car just not in this grouping. Otherwise I would be all over the E39, that is my favorite car hands down outside the E90 from a practicality perspective.

    Great to see that our readers have a love for the older cars- that is a time where CAD did not rule and the rear diffs were as big as pumpkins and could handle whatever you throw at it…. what a concept!


  • Chris W.

    Well, an E30 M3 is an easy answer. It is such an iconic car and definitely on my dream car list. However, I came this close to purchasing an E36 M3 Sedan recently. Both the E36 sedan and coupe are appealing to me and seem to be the perfect size and have just the right features and accommodations.

  • Tony K

    E24 M6