MINI Coupe Concept

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, MINI released images and information regarding a new creation: the MINI Coupe Concept. This is just one of the many vehicles the BMW Group will be displaying at the Frankfurt Auto Show. This concept shows that BMW is not the only manufacturer of the group looking to satisfy niches in the market.

For more detailed information on this Concept and extensive coverage of the MINI brand as a whole please visit our sister site: MOTORINGFILE

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  • I really do like this car. If I were shopping TT’s I think I would buy this in preference. However, if it gets too close to 135 money, I’d be hard pressed to pass up that fantastic N54.

  • JonPD

    Should be most interesting to see how this settles out once the Z2 comes about.

  • Paratus

    With a FWD layout, I don’t really see this car in competition with the 1-series to the discerning driver. Same goes for the Z2 when it’s released. I agree, I would take this over a TT anyday of the week. Curious if they are looking to develope a hardtop convertible as it seems to be a strong trend. I prefer fixed roofs with sunroofs myself.

  • Ken

    There is nothing about the car that is appealing. The roof looks like an afterthought. The window edge is really unfinished. Disappointed! Being seen in this would be equivalent to be seen driving a gigantic Mary-Jane around town. That’s a rounded shoe for those of you not aware.

  • SB

    As a MINI owner myself I’ve been looking forward to this day. My wife had a Z3 and is anxiously awaiting news of the Z2. This is just one step closer. Hopefully.