BimmerCast #5

The BimmerCast is back this week with talk on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept, more on diesels, motor show debut schedules and of course Motorsport. We also throw out another listener question: what is your favorite pre- ’98 BMW. My choice has to be either the 200 Turbo or the E28 535is. What ‘s yours?

Bimmercast #5:[audio:]

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  • Having had some time to think about my response to Gabe’s question I would still go between a 507 with hard top or 2002 turbo but if money was not an object I would without a doubt go with the 328 Mille Miglia Coupe- a timeless classic that is one of my all time favorites.


  • Chris

    MY favorite E32 735i

  • JonPD

    Great show again guys, I have noticed one little oddity. Did you notice that the show lasting 30 minutes but the recording lasting considerably longer?

    This is hands down my favorite cast these days (still loving Woofcast, don’t worry DB). Gabe and Michael are a great duo together for the show.

    For me your question is a easy choice. I have very fond memories of of a new tii belonging to a neighbor that was the center of my automotive fantasies as a young man.

  • barring the 2002, which is always my first answer to a fav bimmer question, i think i might agree with the E28 535is, an ’88 model year preferably. they are tanks and relatively easy to come by these days.

    however, my true choice (outside of an 02) would be an E21 euro 323i with the small block 6cyl m20. great looking car in euro trim and the 6cyl is an absolute necessity in an E21. but they are pretty few and far between in the states.

  • Another car I forget about is the E31 850 CSi, it was an ///M car in motor and suspension but it did not get the full ///M treatment even though a prototype ///M8 did exist (and may still!).