BMWNA CEO Confirms 4 Cylinders for 2012

BMWNA CEO Jim O ‘Donnell has stated numerous times that he wants to see more diesels and to introduce four cylinders in the US market. Yesterday he stated that the US will receive a 4 cylinder turbo charged engine in the 3 Series lineup by spring of 2012.This engine will debut in the next generation 3 Series but is also being considered for the X1 and X3 in the US market.

Now where are more of those diesels?

From Automotive News:

FRANKFURT — BMW plans to offer four-cylinder gasoline engines in the United States in an effort to meet stricter fuel economy rules. Introduction of the powerplants, equipped with the automaker ‘s next-generation twin turbochargers, “is the goal and we will do it,” Jim O ‘Donnell, CEO of BMW of North America, said today on the sidelines of the Frankfurt auto show. O ‘Donnell said the engines will allow the automaker to reach U.S. targets before 2015. Under federal guidelines proposed today, automakers will have to improve the fuel economy of their fleets by 5 percent annually before a national standard of 35.5 mpg takes effect in the 2016 model year. BMW will add a four-cylinder variant for its next 3 series in the United States by spring 2012, O ‘Donnell said. The automaker already equips its European 3 series with four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. BMW also is considering adding four-cylinder gasoline engines to its X1 and X3 crossovers and 1-series model in the United States. In Europe, the X1 will be available with a four-cylinder, twin-turbo diesel engine when it launches this fall. The X3 and 1 series also are offered with four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines in Europe. “We see potentially a significant market that could get to 100,000 four-cylinder engines” in the United States, O ‘Donnell said.
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  • drewpsb

    its about freakin’ time…

    now bring the 4 pot diesels while you are at it BMW DE…

  • Dan

    Can’t wait. Hope they come with a lower price point.

  • James

    I think there is some confusion about where these motors will slot into the BMW lineup. Many people expect them to slot in below the current 328i 3.0l straight six and come at a lower price point. I don’t think that is the case at all, this motor is going to replace the NA inline six in the 328i and I couldn’t see how how a twin turbo 4-cylinder is somehow going to be cheaper than the current motor.

    I find it kind of sad that the lineup as everyone expects to see it in 4 years will consist of a TT 4-cylinder, TT 6-cylinder, and some kind of FI 6-cylinder in the M3 with no more NA six cylinders (or any motor for that matter).

  • BP

    I think that’s is tragic that we are not hearing about hybrid and electric options. I am afraid that BMW and other EU manufacturers will lose market share to Japanese competitors offering new eco-friendlier alternatives. I believe, Americans would be reluctant to purchase 4 cyclinder engines if a more innovative technology existed. Tesla is planning to release an exciting all electric vehicle for under 50K which looks great and would quickly eat market share from BMW.

  • BP- I am not sure what you are discussing with the lack of electric or hybrid vehicles. BMW just released 2 hybirds in the X6 and 7 series- have a viable all electric car in the MINI-E and have Project-i Mega City vehicles. Not to mention the fact the just showed one of the greatest concepts in years- with a diesel electric hybrid; The Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept- which is the direction they are going.

    The Tesla “S” for sedan will not hit its price point (analyst and even the CEO are skeptical) and will not be here for another 2 years- without the gov’t bailout it would not even exist . It will have a 60 mile range which to most in the US is not going to cut it. Unlike these start ups BMW keeps thing close to the chest with future plans all we know is that the first Project-i vehicles will be here in 2012.

    BMW has the most fuel efficient and lowest green house gas emissions of ANY luxury brand- they have less of emissions footprint than most brands from creation to drive to grave.

    BMW has many things in the works and it is also worth noting that they could already meet the proposed EPA numbers for 2012 with only using the motors they already produce- who else can say that?

    If you think BMW should be like Toyota and build a car that pollutes more than a Hummer- yet wears a Prius badge and gets “good” mpg, that will not happen as BMW actually cares about the environment and sustainability- while in concept the Prius is a good idea (for masses that don’t like to drive) they pillage the environment to produce those batteries then ship things all over to produce them and pollute everywhere they go- but the car has low emissions.

    This is one of the reasons it took BMW so long to choose a battery brand- a combination of Bosch and Samsung- BMW wanted an efficient and friendly battery, not the cheapest.

    Diesel is also a much better stop gap solution than these electric and plug in solutions until a hydrogen economy and technology can be established in one form or another.

    What do you do if you E-car doesn’t charge or you use more energy than expected (big hills etc.)- not like you can easily “fill it up”


  • ktown

    Michael, Where are those BMW hybrids you speak of? I live in Germany and have yet to see one on the road anywhere in Europe. Dont hold your breath for one any time soon in N. America. The bottom line is that BMW needs to speed up their act or they will lose ground to those boring Toyota’s.