The Next Generation M5 Hits the Nurburgring

BMW ‘s M Division has taken the wraps off (so to speak) of its next generation M5 with this recent trip to the Nurburgring. Courtesy of the image above clearly shows a lower facia and hood that follows closely the style created for the E90 M3. However the big question is, what ‘s under the hood? Until recently we had heard M was testing both a twin turbo V10 (based on the current M5 ‘s V10) and a twin turbo V8 (vaguely similar to the engine found in the X5/X6 M). Based on our sources we believe M will settle on the V8 due to lighter weight and cost factors. However we ‘d love to be proven wrong.

One other note. For those who follow M product cycles, you might be thinking it ‘s rather early to see the M5 already on the track. This is directly due to the M Division wanting to shorten the time between the launch of a “series ” car (aka a normal BMW model) and an M car. We ‘ll see this gap continue to shorten with the next M3 release.

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  • Maybe I’m just another biased BMW driver, but how much better can they (BMW) improve on near perfection? 🙂

  • Dasboost

    BMW is focusing on cost reductions. Bet they will go with the Twin Turbo V8 found in the new 7.

    @GSKChicago They can make it better by making it lighter. I am sure that will happen give the stringent fuel economy standards that are coming down the line.