BimmerCast #6

The BimmerCast is finally back this week after some time off to race bad cars among other things. And what a week to come back to. We dive into what that fender flared 1 Series really is. Then there ‘s that M3 with the wing… we ‘ve got some pretty good ideas around that as well.

And I finally get a chance to talk about my latest BMW (pictured above), the ever evolving sizing of BMW products and the idea of a small front-wheel drive BMW. Lots of content packed in over 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Bimmercast #6:[audio:]

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  • Fearless Freep

    Gabe- loved what you said about “engineers ruling the roost” and “function leads form” when discussing the E28 exhaust… great stuff!

  • nm_ucla

    As far as special 1er/M1 photos go, I am very surprised nobody reacted on HERR26’s comment – he appears to be someone from BMW or from M division who’s browsing these pages. Funny how he says “When we debut the F20…”. Anyways, it’s very cool that someone like that hangs out at Bimmerfile. Also, I think he set the record straight about what that car’s going to be: the difference between current top of the line and the car to appear is going to be equivalent to difference between 330ci and 330ci zhp (e46 of course), perhaps a bit more radical.

    It would be also very funny if the special M3 spied on the Ring is actually a privately owned car. Someone who just slapped on the spoiler and some black painted CSL wheels and carbon fiber aerodynamic bits….If that’s the case I bet the owner, if he frequents bimmerfile, is laughing his head off at all the dust and debate he raised….

  • nm_ucla- When we can let the cat out of the bag…. we will (wink). As for Herr26, we always welcome his input and comments and they usually are very accurate.

    As far as the “1er”- the comments about it being like the ZHP are close, we will just go with that for now..

    Thanks for the comments and hope you are enjoying the site and of course the BimmerCasts!


  • lava

    Not seeing #6 in the iTunes feed, anybody else having that problem?

  • chas58

    I love your new car! That and your MR2 were two of my favs from the mid ’80s

    (Lava – I got my download from iTunes).