BMW Performance Promotional Video

One of our favorites from BMW over the last few years. This promo video effectively launched the Performance range and we just can ‘t not re-post it in our new, wider format. Enjoy!

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  • tseemann

    I don’t see anything wide about this format

  • tseeman- Our site has been upgaded to BF version 1.5- meaning that we made some significant tweaks (many more to come) and videos and photos can now be viewed at 640 px- we are wide screen at 1280px now. This is a big change.


  • JonPD

    A good move for BMW still a poor cousin to ///M

    For everything that M stands for (or used to before the X M’s (to me)). The BMW performance just doesn’t have the same impact as the JCW does in the Mini brand to my ear.

  • Tristan Cruz

    Cool promo video… was the top gear director directing this when they shot this on the top gear test track? haha

  • chas58

    Gotta love the soundtrack from that performance exhaust!