How to Give a BMW Driver a Bad Rep

We all know that BMW drivers have had an (often misguided) poor reputation when it comes to being courteous on the road. However this hit and run takes it to an extreme level.

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  • lava

    did they catch the dope?

  • Ben


  • JRobUSC

    is that real? There’s no way you can just run over two cars like that in an X5, is there?

  • yea…i dunno. that really dosent almost seem possible,

  • It is possible! Having done the “offroad” course a few times at the Performance Center, this could be done and it is surprising what an X5 really can do.

  • RJ

    And the problem is??? LOL

  • Pat H.

    That’s so awesome.

  • bman08

    looks to me the driver mistook the gas pedal as brake. Hope they catch the X5 driver.

  • E

    WOW!!! i wonder if the bmw dealership is closed yet!! that is too funny!! but should of left a note or more…

  • john floyd

    must have been a woman.

  • bmw

    hahahahahaha! The driver is stupid (or he might had a mechanical problem). Sorry for those 2 car owners but this video is hilarious!

  • Ted

    This is minor, last week a driver was going over 130 MPH on a city street, sliced a van in half, killed three instantly, had prior drunk driving record, was driving a BMW. The judicial system in Canada is very very lax. Great banking system, bad criminal system.

    Why is it that we don’t see many Audi, M-Benz, Lexus idiots? Similar number of cars on the road….Oh, yes they found the X5 driver in the video…not funny for everyone else.

  • chas58

    It is driver’s like that who caused Audi’s “sudden acceleration” problems in the ’80’s and almost took the company down. “I had my foot on the brake, honest – it just lunged forward for no reason!”

    Glad they caught the guy!

  • lava

    I agree it looked like a pedal confusion. No doubt they will claim a malfunction with the vehicle.

  • TBeam

    Looks like they didn’t get away with it:

    Terrible parker in viral video charged

  • Bimmer1

    Looks to me like they didn’t have their floor mat anchors installed and the mat got jammed over the gas pedal. I see this condition every day. That or they cheaped out and bought $30 oversized rubber mats from pep boys that didn’t fit around the gas pedal properly.

  • Cassandra Adams

    Had to be a man–that testosterone is really something dangerous at times 🙂