BimmerCast #7 – The 5 Series Show

It ‘s 5 Series week on the BimmerCast. Along with the normal news of the week we spend some time walking through the range from the E12 to the upcoming F10. Does the E34 look better than the E39? Are the seat controls as ridiculous in the E28 as we remember? We cover it all in our longest show to date.


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  • Of note: I was incorrect in my recollection of the shifter placement in the F01- it is the same for the new F10 5… my apologies.


  • lava

    neither 6 nor 7 is showing up in iTunes.

    just sayin

  • chas58

    lava – you are right. I got mine by subscribing (through iTunes) and in comes down fine.

    Mike & Gabe – you guys lost me on the model nomenclature in #6. Gald you can keep track of the model designations, but I can’t always!

  • Chas- we will try and keep it down a little- you can always copy and print out handy model cheat sheet guide- which is also our wonderful way of navigating the site.

    In all seriousness- we thank you for listening and welcome your comments- anything we can do to make it a better experience we will try, also let us know what you would like to see on the site setup and how the new layout is…

    We have a passion for all this but also want to be sure we are serving you the enthusiast as well!

    all the best,


  • lava

    I am subscribed through iTunes, and 6 and 7 are not in the list. When was announced it did not show, I unsubscribed and subscribed again, and it still did not show.

    Just letting you know all is not right there, and people may be trying to get your show and are not finding it.

  • We changed the category name which reset something things yesterday morning. However by mid-morning everything was showing up for me on multiple computers and my iPhone. So it should be there.

  • lava

    Yes – both 6&7 appear in the list now. Fixed.

  • Kyle S

    The E34 is a much more German looking handsome car than the E39. The E39 looks very Japanese to me.