BMW Builds a Special Edition M5 CSL


This morning at BMW ‘s prototype compound outside the Nurburgring the M Division took the wraps off of a special CSL version of the M5 meant to celebrate the sedan ‘s 25th anniversary.In fact M division’s head of development, Albert Biermann, is describing it as the “M5 CSL we never built “.

According to Autocar, the biggest changes lie under the hood with the standard 5 litre V10 being bored out to 5.5 litres. Elsewhere the M Division created a carbon fiber manifold with an increase air box capacity and an additional oil cooler. You can see evidence of this with the new air intake where you ‘d expect a front license plate to be. Unofficially power should be around 580 bhp with torque close to 400 lb ft. That ‘s up from 507 and 338 respectively. Those substantial gains make this the most power M engine ever in a BMW.


Channeling all of this rearward is a stronger version of the M3 ‘s seven speed DCT transmission.

Once power was upped M turned their attention to “adding ” lightness. A carbon fiber roof and a stripped out interior helped pare 110 lbs from the M5’s 4034 lbs curb weight.

Unfortunately M is looking at this car strictly as an engineering exercise as it ‘s currently busy creating the next generation M5. However it is worth noting that the DCT found in this car is likely quite similar to what will be in the F10 M5.

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  • joey

    C-coupe S-speed L- lightweight

    the “C” doesnt work. looks cool, but it should have been the SSL

  • J-Raid

    Actually it should be 507hp, not 407 😉

    Anyway, would be great if it went to production!

  • chas58

    They should let Sabine take people out in this beast. That would be quite a ring taxi!

  • txdesign

    Those stripes are h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!

  • Bimmer1

    almost the same stripes that were on some of the production M1 road cars. Still looks like it’s from the 80’s! Otherwise it’s a sweet car!

  • lava

    Not to spoil all the happy-go-fast fun here, but shaving 110 pounds off a 4k lb car? Is that even worth mentioning? That’s not even a full tank of gas. Otherwise its all good fun, well, ‘cept maybe for the kludgy oil cooler..

  • Que

    Torque mentioned was 338, its 383 with the 5L. But a 7 spd DCT tranny, would be a great update! 5 to 5.5L solid! it was lacking in the displacement department with it’s competitors.