Power Socket: Found it!

In BimmerCast #7 I commented on how BMW removed the “smoker ‘s package ” on the 2010 3 Series. While I have no issue with the lack of ash tray and it being replaced by another rubber bottomed cubby, I was displeased with the lack of a power socket.

The thing is, BMW did not remove the socket altogether. The engineers just placed it in a location that nobody would ever see or think to look for such a thing. There is no plastic plug or anything to indicate an outlet may be there. If you are sitting in the car it is not visible. You actually have to get on your hands and knees to search for the thing. As the photos show, it is tucked away in the passenger side foot well under the glove box.

Glad to see it has not become one of those items lost to the bean counters.

Many thanks for help locating the socket go out to our friends over atBMW of Ridgefield, and BMWNA!

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  • david

    I actually really like this positioning. I use it to connect my garmin. The power cable is nicely out of the way.

  • ivan

    I prefer the socket there and I love the cubbyhole instead of the ashtray. Fits my wallet and cell phone.

  • mc

    I wish somebody can find the flashlight that dissapear from the glovebox this year.

  • GJR

    Maybe someday an intrepid reporter will find a spare tire and a dipstick somewhere within one of these cars. 😉

  • I also like the placement of the socket from a use perspective for a GPS/Radar detector- it is just if you do not have the manual (it was a loaner that I was noting the change in) you would never even know it was there.

  • Les Campbell

    A little different, but I like it. This helps portable GPS systems much cleaner looking than before.

  • goldn

    very good to know.