1 Series Based M Product Confirmed Again

Autocar is hearing what we reported apparently; the M Division is working on the next generation 1 Series coupe to produce a true entry level M product. While our sources still indicate the car above is still a project from ///M it is not what Autocar is describing. This entry ///M will be based on the next generation 1er and will be an official M branded product. Here ‘s an excerpt:

Based on the next-gen 1-series, the new car will be designed to introduce younger customers to new M cars. It would compete with cars such as the next-generation Audi S3, with pricing starting at around £32,000.

“We’re conscious that our existing customers are gravitating towards larger and more expensive models such as the X5/X6 M,” said an M division source. “We’re looking at ways to attract new customers to the brand, and an entry-level model is part of those plans.”

You ‘ll hear more as we get it…

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  • So what will they call it? They sure as hell better not taint the name of M1 with a sport compact-esque showing.

  • Barry

    So I’m guessing the current 1er gets a “Supersports” and the next gen gets a true badged //M?

  • eager2own

    I can confirm that there’s at least one non-“younger customer” who’d be very interested.

  • JonPD

    Think they should drastically lighten it in the process of M tuning it and then call it the M Tii

  • Micah

    Great news. Light weight (meaning well under 3000 lbs) with high-revving NA engine please, although I’m fully aware that it’s very likely to be a turbo motor. If so, please let it have a redline above 7K, lightweight flywheel, and more a progressive torque/hp curve that pulls all the way to redline, not the massive wallop of 300 ft-lbs from 2-5K with falloff thereafter.

  • Maybe they can just call it the M? Although that was done with the Z lineup technically…

  • Luis

    Great!!! Great news! =D

  • All sources point to this car being called the 1 ///M for the next generation, with this I think you may have seen 3 new letters that indicate a performance model (Wink)- (Also note that Super Sports will not be used until the next generation and be a step below ///M ala CSI)

  • JAA

    I read it that it could be called the 1M. (Can’t remember where I saw that.)

  • JAA- You just read my post above your’s and some from earlier on!