M Division CEO Confirms Entry Level Product Below M3

Burried in today ‘s interview Dr. Kay Segler was the first official confirmation that the M Division is officially working on an entry level product to be positioned below the current M3. As you ‘d expect based on our previous articles, we believe this is in referance to an M version of the upcoming F20 1 Series coupe. We believe this could come to market as early as 2013 but early 2014 may be more likely. Here ‘s the full excerpt:

MPW: What else can we expect from BMW M in the near future?

Segler: Our leitmotif is: “Automobile dreams come true”. The M3 GTS sends out a clear signal here. The X5 M and X6 M have just gone out to dealerships and round off the top of our product range. But what I would most like to see is for BMW M to stay a young brand within people’s reach. This is why a product below the BMW M3 more important to me than a super sports car which is only accessible to a few. As I have already mentioned in other interviews, we are currently looking closely at the options in this area. I hope to be able to tell you more the next time we speak.

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  • chas58

    I don’t believe it – someone actually talking sense. Its entertaining to read the stories on an M version of an X6, but I would be more interested in a car like this which I might actually purchase. There might be hope after all!

  • Dr kay (as we’ve known him at MotoringFile) is an exceptional character and a real enthusiast. He was a big player in the JCW race car and the eventual JCW street car not to mention the JCW GP. He gets both the business side and the need for authentic products. He’s also been very kind to MotoringFile (and very warm personally) over the years with many interviews.

  • Also worth noting is that ///M is still working on the current 1 Series product and we will continue to hear more about it over the coming months along with the development of the next generation full on ///M treatment.


  • lava

    Its good that they are working on the 1 Series, as the 3 is now the size of the 5.

    Its like currency inflation – they should consider renumbering, move the current 3 up to 5, the 5 to 7, and the 7 to ? 9 I guess. Then the current 1 will be the 3 Series and the size will make sense again.

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