The BMW Group increased its global sales in October. A total of 115,252 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered to customers – a 2.0% increase over the same month last year (113,011). During the period from January to October, 1,054,811 (prev.yr. 1,226,844 / -14.0%) vehicles were sold. The company remained on its growth track in the emerging markets of China (9.558 / +81.0%), India (343 / +55.9%) and Brazil (838 / +224.8%) in October. In these markets the BMW Group was able to exceed the sales volume achieved for the whole of 2008 after just ten months.

Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and marketing: “We are aiming to set new sales records in China, India and Brazil in 2009.” Commenting on the overall trend, Robertson added: “Our sales figures have been steadily recovering since April – and we were able to make gains in October as planned. We expect to see further solid growth in November and December. Our goal is to remain the world’s leading premium manufacturer once again in 2009.”

Besides China, India and Brazil, the company was also able to increase sales volumes in a series of other markets. In the high-volume markets of the U.K. (12,991 / +34.8%) and Spain (4,693/ +4.0%), for instance, deliveries rose substantially in some cases.
The BMW Group also reported strong growth in many smaller markets, including Austria (1,414 / +16.8%), South Africa (1,750 / +15.8%), South Korea (1,100 / +24.3%), Thailand (243 / +18.0%), Argentina (321 / +34.3%) and the Netherlands (1,915 / +6.5%).

For the first time since one year, the BMW brand achieved a slight increase of 0.4%, with 95,859 (prev.yr. 95,507 / +0.4%) units worldwide in the month under review. A total of 873,318 BMW vehicles were delivered in the year to the end of October.In terms of individual models, the BMW Z4 in particular made major gains in October with 2,079 (prev.yr. 919 / +126.2%) vehicles sold; while 4,780 (prev.yr. 2,796 / +71.0%) BMW 7 Series were delivered to customers worldwide in the month under review. The 1 Series also saw strong growth in October with a total of 19,404 deliveries (prev.yr. 17,902 / +8.4%). Ian Robertson: “Over the next two years we will be expanding or renewing more than half of our model range: starting with the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW X1, which have been on the market since 24 October. Both models are being extremely well received – orders are higher than anticipated.” He added: „In 2009, again, we will clearly sell more than one million BMW’s.“

The continued popularity of the MINI and the variety of different models available ensured that sales volumes were up 11.1% for the premium compact car brand (19,323 deliveries/prev.yr. 17,386). The MINI Convertible again performed extremely well and, with 2,172 sales worldwide, made the biggest gains (+336.1%). Many more customers than last year opted for the Hatch and Clubman versions of the MINI One this October, with a total of 3,974 units sold (prev.yr. 2079 / +91.1%).

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars delivered 70 (prev.yr. 118 / -40.7%) automobiles to customers in the month under review and sold 531 (prev.yr. 945 / -43.8%) vehicles in the year to the end of October. According to Ian Robertson: “The Rolls-Royce Ghost order bank stretches well into mid 2010. We already have many customers who have either paid a deposit or signed a preliminary contract. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers by the end of this year.”

Motorcycle sales totalled 6,728 (prev. yr. 7,714/ -12.8%) units worldwide in October. For the year to the end of October, 76,443 (prev.yr.88,464 / -13.6%) motorcycles were delivered to customers.