The Next 3 Series (F30) Makes its Video Debut

You might be asking yourself, isn ‘t it a bit early for the next 3er to be already put together and on the road undergoing testing? While sources are telling us that BMW has accelerated development a bit due to intense competition in the category we believe what we are seeing here is the very typical prototype testing scheduled years earlier. The F30 is likely to make its way to dealerships in late 2012 (seven years after the E90 went on sale) the F30 is already looking good in rough prototype form.

(Courtesy of Bimmerpost)

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    For anyone who is not aware of this BMW starts developing and testing a new vehicle up to five or so years before it is introduced. They are keeping the spy photographers in busy.

  • JonPD

    Still not the biggest fan of the front end of the the newest BMWs. Always looks better when the car is out from under cover but still that front sweep reminds me a lot of any number of old muscle cars. Not something I look for in a new BMW personally.

  • SoCal Rick

    I think we are starting to see design changes (e.g. flattening of the front end) that are a direct result of the European pedestrian safety regulations.

  • JonPD

    Guess my big issue is the upright front end in design is the side angle of the forward quarter of the car looks to similar to what we are seeing with many cars from the big 3 (past tense).