The E82 & F20 1 Series //M Cars Come into Focus

Last week M itself confirmed that a 1 Series product was coming over the next several years. It ‘s been assumed by much of the media that this will involve the F20 next generation 1 series and will debut around 2013. However as we ‘ve reported previously, M intends to come to market with a 1 Series derived product much sooner based on the current 135i 1 Series Coupe (E82).

The idea is to create a track day car similar to the E46 M3 CSL. Sources suggest the 1M will feature 19 ” wheels, huge fender flares, carbon fiber roof, trunk and hood and a stripped out interior will dramatically reduce weight. Power will be upped over the stock 300 hp as well. However if the output rises over 320 hp then look for an entirely new transmission to handle the extra power and torque. It will put the power to the ground through the current ///M3s rear differential and axles. The look will be unique and more inline with the current M cars rather than the current “M Sport ” aero kit on the 135i or even the BMW Performance aero kit.

Pricing? We ‘re guessing this will slot in around the $50,000 mark however there is one big caveat; the car may not come to the US at all. With the recent decision to not bring the M3 GTS over and the previous unavailability of the M3 CLS, it would seem that the writing is on the wall that BMW ‘s largest market will not get this fastest 1 Series.

However all is not lost for our US readers. M intends to follow-up this 1M with another based on the F20 and using a lightweight turbo-charged four cylinder with similar (if not slightly lower) output.

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  • Luis

    “1M will feature 19″ wheels, huge fender flares, carbon fiber roof, trunk and hood and a…” … Man, all this description almost made me get an orgasm! xD

  • Dan

    These decisions on not bringing these cars to the US continue to baffle me. It just doesn’t make sense why you’d develop a car and not take it to your supposed largest market. Wouldn’t it make more sense to target your largest market first, then think about elsewhere second?

  • Drill

    @Dan, Dude, I think that’s what they ARE doing. I don’t think BMW would find much of a market for a <$50k 1 Series. We enthusiasts would LOVE to see it, but most folks would be scared away by the cost (meaning less $$$ for BMW) 🙁

  • JonPD

    I personally have no issue with a 50k 1M if they truly make is something spacial.

    Between the GTS and a solid 1M product I would go after the 1M every time. This is mostly due to the fact that the current 1 series is closer to the BMW’s that I fell in love with than most of the ever increasing size and weight of the 3 and 5 series. Also BMW to me doesn’t exist in the 100k + group of builders.

  • RJ

    BMW also has to look at the costs of federalizing the car, the cost of certifying a small handful of cars for US sale etc….it may not be worth the cost to BMW to do that.

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  • Bimmer1

    Just give me a real limited slip diff and I’m good to go!!!

  • Just give me an LSD… and a diet, some more room for wheels/tires, and a fuel pump that works.

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  • I thought the whole point of the 1 series was to also make an M version that more people can afford. If its gonna be $50k, I might as well go buy an M3?

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  • Bimmer1

    Why would anyone pay $50k for a 1 series M car when they can get a M3 sedan for the same price or a M3 coupe for a few thousand $$$ more?!?!?!! I’d just buy a base model 135 for $32k, get a real limited slip diff from diffsonline, dinan stg. II software, strip down the interior, some brembo brakes, and put a bilstein suspension on the car. Whaaaaala….1 series M car for under $40k that’s really ready for the racetrack! Sell off the brakes and other bits you take off the car and you’re coming in even cheaper than that. No manufacturer should be able to justify a cost difference of more than $20,000 from the base model level to loaded model of a car. Especially when it’s an entry level vehicle!!! The cost difference of the engine, suspension, and rear end cannot be anywhere close to the difference they are going to charge for the car. Maybe another $5,000 total their cost. Markup should not be more than $5000 over that. At a $40k entry level price the 135M would sell like hotcakes. Load it up with nav and everything else (although why would you) and then maybe you’d be at $46-48k. But starting at $50k and moving up from there will mean that practically no one that would want the car will be able to afford it. Can you imagine a $58,000 1 series? Who’s going to buy that? Not me or any of my diehard BMW friends that’s for sure.

  • It is not going to be $50k it will come in the mid $40s, beneath the 335i E92. The 135i if I recall is priced at $34k right now. And no you can not build a better car than ///M for less money- can’t do it, especially with a CF roof, fenders and all the other tricks an OEM can do. Those wheels alone are $4k.

    On a side note- remember the 1 is not an entry level vehicle in the US- we do not see stripped 116i cars with roll up windows- that is entry level 😉

  • BMW1

    The current base price for a 135i including destination charge is $36,925. I will be suprised if the 1M is priced much lower than $48,000-$50,000.

    The price for a M3 sedan is about 56,000 and the coupe about 59,000 including destination.

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