Spy Video: 2011 BMW 5 Series

The next generation 5 series, code named F10, continues to lose its camo and make more frequent appearances on the web before its scheduled unveiling November 23rd. We expect to see more of this car over the next week so stay tuned, as this car is going to be something special!

Video: YouTube

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  • bastula

    Love the lines on this. I can’t wait until it will be revealed.

    In the 2nd clip they show a US model with it’s red rear turn signals. Not sure why BMWNA wants to do this. Amber signals are obviously more distinctive and safer. It’s such an obvious difference that can be seen with the European models in the rest of the video.

    Anyways, good job on finding the video.

  • Bastula- Thanks!

    BTW the reason for the Red rear turn signals may be DOT regs I will check on this.


  • bastula

    Great, let us know what you are able to dig up.

    Honestly though, I am not sure about DOT regs. BMW is basically back and forth on this: the new 7 series gets amber units in the US, but the 5 series won’t (speculatively) yet uses similarly styled clusters. The LCI 5 series also received red units so maybe it’s just a continuation on the same theme. I am curious about the 5 series GT, as from pictures, it has a more pinkish cluster which would mean amber signals like the 7.

    All of this sounds so picky, but personally, why do they go to the trouble of changing the signals to amber if they already have a light cluster that should work in the US? The only exception I could see if all signals went to red due to some safety issue, however, it’s not consistent across the BMW model range. The current LCI 6 series has amber LEDs, yet the LCI 5 series gets red LEDs.

  • lava

    looks the size of a 7 series

  • Dan

    What’s with the E61 with the thick zebra stripes flashing through the foreground at 1:24?

  • ralf

    @ Dan

    It’s a servicevehicle!!

  • Robby

    Is it just an illusion or has it gotten quite a bit larger than the last? I really hope BMW isn’t going to keep trending larger.

  • TBeam

    This might be a dumb question: why are they bothering to wash a test vehicle (1:28)? Checking to see if it’s water tight? or something more superficial – ensuring clean cars in spy shots?