Top Gear is Back with the 760Li vs S63 AMG

Not much needs to be said. It ‘s the Stig and James May taking the 760iL around the Top Gear test track up against the S63 AMG. Enjoy.

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  • Dan

    Maybe not a good idea to ride with the Stig without a seatbelt.

  • Dylan

    If I had that kinda money I’d buy a 760iL no question!

  • Luis

    As they conclude, you should never buy one of these cars… they are really pointless!.. but awsome cars, anyway, if they were for free! xD

  • If had that sort of spare change, I’d first get an M3 CSL, and a JCW Mini for hauling groceries…

    but then again, I’m not in this car’s demographic either 🙂

  • broadstreetbob

    I’m not surprised the 760iL won the drag race, but I was hoping that they’d take timed laps on the Top Gear Test Track. This beast might turn a faster lap than the last M5. As for the AMG, Merc just doesn’t do performance like BMW.

  • @broadstreetbob- They did timed laps on the test track, they actually did a split screen and the 760Li won.

  • Dean

    i’m from the uk and i saw this on sunday the bmw won. I cant remember the time but 0.8 sec seems to be sticking in my mind as the margin of victory. And it would of been much, if the stig was not over driving the BMW, Like he always dose with BM’S. Clackson was saying look how out of shape it was and the stig was having trouble. He was not able to full turn off the tc in the AMG, and was neat a tidy. With the BMW it was fully off, and he was power sliding out of the corners. It looked fun but not the fastest way around the track. People should not read to much into the lap time chart.

  • Dean

    1.31.2 vs 1.32.0 wet track. only 0.2 slower then the Porcshe 911 turbo also wet track 1.31.0

  • chas58

    Reminded me of that old BMW video by Guy Richy with Madonna. Classic. Then again, doesn’t clarkston’s hair do remind you of that lady who won that singing contest in Brittian?