2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo Pricing

Hot off the presses from a reliable source comes the official pricing for the recently launched 2010 BMW 550i GT. Base MSRP will start at $64,725 (including $825 destination), well below the 7 Series it shares much of its technology with, and a relative value considering the luxury and versatility of the final product. For full pricing and packaging contents please see the attached PDF as there are a good number of options this fine vehicle can be equipped with.

+ 2010 BMW 550 GT Pricing / Official PDF

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  • Pat H.

    The pricing on the 550 GT makes me think that the 535 xDrive GT should be a really good value for what you’ll get. After being able to see the 550 GT in person this past week I really think this car will make my short list for a lease in a couple of years.

  • RJ

    Just my opinion…in profile, this is one ugly vehicle.

  • JonPD

    Should work ok on price, think going much higher would be hard on the Social security group this car reeks of. The GT visual speaking is the same to me as the smell in a retirement home. I will reserve my final judgment until I see this car in real life but has to be the single ugliest thing to ever wear a BMW badge in pictures.

    Now all I expect if for ///M (moms car) to develop another SUV out of it lol.

  • JonPD- Just wait until you see some of the new photos I have…. a few more days and you may change your mind! I have some day and night shots that really show the overall presence and character. A full review will be coming soon!


  • JonPD

    I look forward to seeing them Michael. The issue however for my eye still the rear half of the car. While I am sure this is a new segment there isn’t s single thing with the design that speaks youthfulness, rather it feels stately which for me personally just reeks of a rather matronly presence.

  • lava

    I really like the idea of this car – lift back, more utility, but I have to agree with Jon that the proportions don’t work for me. Visually the back looks too bulging in profile. It may not be that way from other angles, but if I compared it another rare sedan/hatchback such as the last gen Mazda6 hatchback I’d have to say the Mazda was much more pleasing to the eye. That’s not saying much for BMW here.