We have heard from several sources that the introduction of the 2011 BMW X3 (F25) has been pushed back. The reasons have varied from market conditions, construction delays, contractual obligations and electrical design issues. These reported delays are also impacting the MINI crossover which was said to be introduced last month.

The newest take on the delay according to Automotive News, via Autoweek is that BMW is planning on launching custom ordered cars. Changes can be made up to 5 days before the vehicle is built and this change in the ordering process is the reason for the delay. Having custom ordered my BMWs in the past, I know when the car hits status 112 and you are given a production date you can already make changes up to 5 days before then (My wife ‘s car is an E90 and not an E91 thanks to this handy feature) so I am not so sure as this is a viable reason for the delay.

Another reported benefit of the delay would also be that more than one motor would be offered in the US, coincidentallythis is something we have been reporting on for quite some time now.

The current X3 was launched initially in the US with 2 power plant offerings, so this is nothing new (The 2.5 was very underpowered for a vehicle of its size in the US) unlike the Automotive News reported that the X3 was only offered in the highest output 6.

This is just another take on a well documented delay, could it be the reason? Sure, but to me this is not as plausible as even a simple engine design/certification process. We may never know what the reason for the delay truly is, and next week this delay may not be a delay any longer. In the land of BMW and cars in general things can change at a moments notice and we of course will keep you as up to date as possible.