BimmerCast #9 – MINI E & 5 Series GT

We ‘ve got a special show for you this week. Michael is back from “BMW University ” where he drove a number of cars from the MINI E to the new 5er GT. We also have Todd and DB on hand from White Roof Radio to talk about the MINI E, electric cars in general and the new MINI Crossover. That leads into talk about four cylinder diesels and how they relate to both the X1 and the MINI Countryman (since theoretically it ‘s the same engine). IMHO, it ‘s our best show yet.


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  • JonPD

    Michael glad to hear you have a chance to experience the GT. I will be watching closely to see this rear line your talking about. The back half and top third of this development really is not doing much for me.

    Great show guys as usual.

  • Love the podcast keep up the good work! BUT, why is there two versions? One of mine gets the pdf’s which I love and the other doesn’t nor does it get the first episode…

  • lava

    Just a counterpoint to the conclusion that our domestic infrastructure is not ready to accept everybody recharging electric cars. It is pretty well understood and accepted the the greater load for recharging vehicles will occur at night when the existing grid is significantly less loaded. So in fact the use of cars during the day, and recharging them at night fits very well with the limits of our current infrastructure.

    Not trying to change your conclusions, but they’ll be more well founded if supported by good information.

  • Lava- that is an agreeable point except when people are also charging cars in the city and at work during the day… Let’s just say I happen to know an engineer that happens to work for a large power conglomerate and they know they can’t handle the strain if this was to happen- especially in the summer so it was a fact based comment and not just conjecture

    If everyone was to drive to their work then drive home and charge at night, then fine but if not then we are in trouble- and our grid is very dated and needs serious upgrades. They are working on it though…

  • lava

    Yes, well perhaps if everybody drove electric cars it would be a problem, but it would never be everybody, like tomorrow. Adoption would never be 100% and ramp up would always be gradual. Plenty of time to adjust to the change in demand and to add sources such as solar and wind. This is really the least of the problem with selling electric cars now compared to battery energy density and cost.