2011 5 Series: The Ultimate Official Press Release

Here is the original BMW English release for new 5er in the european market. BMWNA had provided us with a more concise 17 page affair but this 80 page epic is worthy of vacation reading. Ok, we have to admit we probably prefer the shorter BMWNA release but for those who must have all the information associated with the new 5 (including every conceivable bit of technical data imaginable), we have your PDF below. For those in the US, keep in mind this references some models only available outside the North American market and the technical information may not be accurate for North American models. BMWNA will be providing us with more market specific technical information closer to the launch date this spring.

+ 2011 5 Series F10 Full Release / BMW AG Press

Full image gallery after the jump

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  • Eliot R.

    Very evolutionary styling. There are a lot of details here that seem really well put together, such as the low swooping scuttle which continues nicely to the low trunk. Overall, nice job. It’s not styling that you are going to ache to own just to look at, but it’s modern and contemporary without being over the top ridiculous.

    That said, can’t wait to see what the M version looks like.

  • Hunter

    It’s beautiful! I must say I’m very impressed.

  • Nathan

    I like how they got back to the layout of the e39 for the interior.

    Very sharp! I am excited to own this in a few years! 😀

  • eager2own

    The M5 based on this body is going to be absolutely stunning — can’t wait.

  • broadstreetbob

    A very handsome car. The nose seems a bit too squared off, but the rest of it does evoke a sport-oriented, fast look. Compared to the dreadfully restyled Mercedes E-Class, this is a dream come true. BMW ought to be able to significantly increase its market share in this segment with the new 5er. Better looking and surely better performing than the E-Class.

  • Great design, they didn’t get sucked into aping the slab-sided/low roof look everybody else is using. It’s clearly derived from the now classic E39 and that’s a good thing.

    The front could use a little more aggressiveness but we’ll probably see that with the M5.

  • broadstreetbob

    One more thing, the 550i/xi sounds amazing — nearly as powerful as an ///M5 not that long ago. And with the x-drive, it will definitely be the ultimate driving machine for those of us in the snow belt.

  • 5er

    Just entered all the specs for the 7 cars in the file. The 550i looks like it will do 0-60 in well under 5 seconds.

    Go here http://www.vimulator.com/ and try loading these ids

    550i: 6550 535i: 6549 528i: 6546 523i: 6545

    530d: 6555 525d: 6554 520d: 6553