Brief Commentary: BMW 550i GT

While we busily complete our first extensive review of the soon to release BMW 550i GT here is a little something to hold you over. Below is snippet of a review completed by our good friend Jonathan Sprira of the Executive Road Warrior (where his complete review can be found) and the BMWCCA.

The 2010 BMW 550i GT is built on the same platform as the new F01 7 Series, introduced last year, and might best be viewed as a kind of 7 Series wagon, despite its 5 Series moniker (clearly Munich agonized about what to call this car) and four-door coupé-like appearance.It’s definitely a niche vehicle with the combination of 7 Series legroom, X5 headroom, and a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine.The GT sits lower to the ground than the X5 or X6 but it’s a bit higher than the 7er. Expect the 5er GT to be far more popular in Europe, where many families typically have one car that has to serve multiple purposes, versus the U.S., where multiple car ownership is common and the GT’s versatility may therefore not be as highly valued.
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  • JonPD

    Still not sure why this design leaves me so cold. I am hoping seeing this in person helps but still to this day every picture I see reeks of a low point in BMW design language.

  • John

    The pig nose is fugly. I’m glad they didn’t screw up the regular 5-series with those over sized grilles.

  • Dan C.

    I like it, but can’t wait to see the 3-series GT. If it’s a 335, it’s the car for me.

  • Ben

    So, I saw the GT at the SF Auto Show yesterday and to be honest, it doesn’t look too bad in person. BMW definitely nailed their demographic. Every kind of mom lined up to perch on the driver’s seat.

  • Brian


  • JonPD

    Heh no doubt Ben the mothers had knocked down the retirees to get first access to it.

    Still look forward to seeing it to make a final determination if this is a fat ugly beast or just a fat beast 😉

  • Mark

    “fat ugly beast or just a fat beast “

    aka X5m or X6M?

  • broadstreetbob

    Yeah, I’m still not feeling it. If I’m going to go big, the X5 35d makes more sense.

  • JonPD

    Don’t get me started on those Mark, not a big fan of the direction of the Momsport division lately.

  • robertr

    Not to put down the “brief commentary,” but does anyone expect the 5GT to be popular in Europe? Sure, it may seem versatile, but one can make the argument that it is a “worst of all worlds,” rather than the other way around. Heavier, slower, and less useful space than an wagon (Europe, anyone?), and no faster, less seating, and less able off-road than an SUV. Awesome.

    Will it work in the States? Oh, yes. But in Europe? I’m less convinced.

  • loathe

  • chas58

    It fits Europe better than an SUV would. There just isn’t the off road trails in Europe that the US has, and most of the fire roads in Europe are closed to vehicles.

    It is the americans who are delusional enough to think they need an SUV to go off road.

  • JonPD

    Not all of us need nanny aids such at SUVs and AWD in the states though chas58.

  • Ben

    “Momsport?” O_O Oh no! The M brand is ruined forever. And they did it to themselves… I think this is where the unconditional part of love starts to kick in. I still love my BMW’s even though it may be going through an identity crisis. Pats BMW on the head