BMW Performance Price Reductions

BMWNA recently announced that it was reducing some of the BMW Performance accessories prices for the 1 Series. This is welcomed news, as all along we have felt that the BMW Performance line are a top notch products but the pricing was a bit steep considering the larger market (even for the over-engineered and great looking accessories they are).

Some of the reductions are as follows:

BMW Performance Sport Brakes (P/N- 34 110 443 865)

Original MSRP= $2450

New MSRP= $1868

BMW Performance Black Kidney Grilles (P/N- 51 710 441 920/921)

Original MSRP= $132

New MSRP= $84

BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Strut Brace (P/N- 51 710 429 377)

Original MSRP= $1522

New MSRP= $995

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  • Drill

    Any word on whether or not there will be price reductions on 3 Series Performance parts?

  • Luis

    gooood news! Could you tell me if these price reductions are updated worldwide or just in USA? thx

  • Rich

    The BMW Performance wheels badly need a price reduction.

  • I just interviewed Eric Riehle, the new head of BMW Performance and will have the full interview up early next week. I will also have a lot of new info on BMW Performance that everyone is going to be happy to hear.

  • dasboost

    What about the almighty BMW Performance Steering Wheel?