World Premier: BMW Concept ActiveE

Tonight BMW officially turns the next page in the Project-i story with the Concept ActiveE. Project-i is BMW ‘s research program into electric vehicles, specifically for urban environments such as mega-cities. The MINI-E was the first vehicle produced under the umbrella of Project-i and BMW has learned a great deal thanks to its pilot program. The ActiveE concept will make its world debut at the North American Internation Auto Show in Detroit and will feature many technological improvements.

Propulsion for this new concept is provided by a 171 hp / 181 lb-ft of torque electric motor located in the rear axle. This motor was specifically designed for this 1 Series. Thelithium-ion battery pack is the first developedby the joint cooperation of BMW and SB LiMotive. It utilizes liquid cooling to maintain optimal battery temperature and can be fully charged in the US in little under 4.5 hours. The expected range of the ActiveE is approximately 100 miles.

There is a loss of rear trunk space due to electronics with the ActiveE but it still can accommodate a fair share of cargo. One thing that is not missing is seating as this vehicle will have 4 full size seats just like a standard 1 Series Coupe. This Concept also introduces remote features such as accessing the charge percentage or activating the electric A/C from a mobile phone.

This vehicle will eventually be produced as a pilot program similar to the MINI E.

The future of electric mobility has taken one step forward with the BMW Concept ActiveE, for all the complete details be sure to read the full BMWNA Release.

BMWNA Official Release / BMW Concept ActiveE

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  • lava

    The 1 series was already a bit heavy – was there anything done, say carbon fiber, to off set the weight of the batteries? Given your comments on the Mini-E I wonder if they’ve gotten a better weight distribution and better driving dynamic out of this one. I still have my doubts about an adaptation of a conventional platform vs building an electric platform from the ground up.

  • lava

    Jeez louise! I can’t be the only person that reads BF that has any curiosity about this thing.

  • Dan

    So what’s under the hood if the motor and batteries are all at the back?

  • Luis

    Great Great!! No CO2 emissions anymoree!!! =D