It\’s Official: US Gets 740i/Li for 2011

As we alluded to last week- The US will begin seeing the 740i and 740Li this coming Spring.

This version of the flagship 7 will feature an up-rated N54 twin turbo inline six cylinder engine tuned to 315 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. This engine brings the power of a former V8 to an inline six while achieving exception fuel economy. Power will be sent to the rear wheels (no xDrive) via a six-speed ZF automatic transmission. As with all 2011 model year BMWs this pair of 740s will utilize brake energy regeneration to greater improve fuel economy and overall efficiency.

These models will come with less in terms of standard equipment but customers can order from the full gamut of options the 750 is offered with, up to and including the Individual options. In other words, you can now have a fully equipped 7 with better fuel economy and weight distribution thanks to a twin turbo six under the hood.

According to Alanna Bahri, the 6 and 7 series manager at BMWNA, the 740i and 740Li were requested by both dealers and consumers in the US market. She also stated, “the N54 in these models was initially developed specifically for the US, though it has been well received throughout Europe. ” Stay tuned for more of our recent interview with Alanna in the coming days but for now you can read the official press release.

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  • Bob

    This is terrific news. I’m sure this will increase 7er sales (though I suppose for some that could previously afford the V8 and V12 easily, the loss of exclusivity would be bad news). I know my dad would have purchased a E65 two years ago had they offered a six. He went with the E class instead 🙁

    Just a question for you Michael; why isn’t BMW using the N55 in this car? I don’t totally understand the use of the N54 in the Z4 sDrive35is either, but this car particularly doesn’t make sense since the F07 and F10 both have the N55, (and seems like they share the same platform). So why does the 740i have a N54?

    Also, why is BMW offering the 740 and 750 with six-speed autos, while putting an eight-speed into the 760 AND the F10 (even lower models). I’m guessing N54 has to go with six, and N55 with eight, but why differentiate?

  • Scott

    Sounds great but now 7 series owners also have the opportunity to visit the dealer more frequently for a replacement HPFP.

  • Bob- As I have said in the past- The N54 is not leaving anytime soon! Higher output applications are coming for the N54 as the R&D has been completed and so has emissions.

    The N55 was designed alongside the 8 Speed so software and gearing have been tweaked for one another. I would not be surprised to see the 8 speed make it to more models- as in there may be more 2011 announcements coming… also since 2011s will all have brake energy regeneration on them.

    I will get into more details when I can as 2011 is going to be an interesting year for a lot of brands!


  • Bob

    Interesting. Thanks Michael. I’m actually new to this site – so didn’t know about you having said the N54 will be around (though I’ve been reading your posts on different boards for years). It’s a fantastic site!

  • Bob- Welcome! Thanks for the kind words, we hope that we will supply you with part of your accurate BMW fix! Things are only getting better- and don’t forget to check us out on iTunes for the BimmerCasts.


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