BMW Motorsport To Release Z4 GT3 w/M3 V8

Previous Z4 customer race car

We talked about this on our soon to be released podcast (scheduled to go live tomorrow) but we finally got confirmation via the Motorsport site lastnight. BMW Motorsport will be building customer race-cars based on the current Z4 but with two huge additions. For one the car will have a fixed roof and a built-in rollcage. Secondly (and much more interesting) the car will feature the 480 bhp V8 taken straight from the GT4 M3 race-car. We ‘ll get to how this could translate into a road car in a second, but first, here ‘s the full release:

As part of its customer racing programme, BMW Motorsport is offering private teams another attractive car from 2010: the BMW Z4 GT3. This sports car is an impressive addition to the BMW product range and offers drivers and teams the opportunity to compete in international and national championships in accordance with GT3 regulations – such as the FIA GT3 European Championship, International GT Open and the ADAC GT Masters – as well as in 24-hour endurance races.

The BMW Z4 GT3 is powered by a four-litre, eight-cylinder engine producing approximately 480 bhp. When it comes to electronics, the private teams can look forward to innovative BMW solutions, which have proven themselves in the BMW M3 GT2: the engine is controlled by the modern ECU 408, while the Power400 control unit is responsible for operating all actuators. The transmission takes place via a sequential, six-speed gearbox. The scope of delivery also includes rims with locking and safety clips, as well as racing ABS and optional air conditioning.

The BMW Z4 GT3 in its racing version is available from the second quarter of 2010 at an estimated price of 298,000 Euro (plus VAT). If interested, please send an email to

BF Analysis: So beyond the track, does this mean anything to BMW enthusiasts? Will we see a Z4 GTS for instance? It ‘s well known that the M3 GTS was brought about by the M3 GT4 race-car. The fact that BMW uses the same structure (roll-cage and all) made the development much easier to swallow in terms of cost. Based on that thought would seem that a Z4M GTS would be a possibility. Granted the price would be similar to the M3 GTS and at that point BMW may ask themselves if they really need another pricey track oriented road car.

What about a Z4M? If BMW is doing the engineering work to get the V8 in the engine bay of the Z4, couldn ‘t they finish the job and at least sell the car as the new Z4M? While that would seem like a slam dunk, reportedly the M Division is reluctant to produce the car with a folding metal top (never-mind that they make an M3 convertible with one or a 5,000 lbs SUV) and that they ‘d ideally want to create a coupe for the V8. But with looming MPG regulations coming, BMW might not be too interested in producing yet another thirsty V8 model of any kind.

As always we ‘ll keep up updated as we get more info from our sources.

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  • James May

    Im so glad i was wrong i thought they were using the old motorsport z4. Would not make sense and not the bmw way to use such an old platform (e46 bassed). I always thought you had to have a production version of the car you intend to race under fia rules. BMW has no v8 z4 they have no fixed roof current z4. This all points to a z4 m which will be realativly soft. And maybe then a fixed roof z4 m csl which will be a gt3 killer. Its seems that BMW M and BMW Motorsport are benefiting from BMW sauber’s exit from f1 With the MINI crossover, coupe and roadster signed off thats it for MINI for a while. With Rolls Royce they will have a coupe and drop head version of the ghost and put the turbo engine in the phantom, and the phantom engine in the ghost thats Rolls Royce done with for a while. Bmw ag will have more time for BMW. it will be on ther sub brands mega city and more importantly M. M will be to BMW like Porsche is to vw. M only brand no bmw badge insight, 2 models and try and place it between porsche and Ferrari in price. I think they will do this after they make the 1 series m. They may make a m7 to brigde gap between 760il and Ghost. BMW please give M the freedom to do what it wants and what we need a SUPERCAR

  • James- They are working on something but it will not be a “super car” like we currently think of it. The Efficient Dynamics concept was foreshadowing of something(s) to come in say 2012….

  • Very, very cool, in a side note kind of way. Don’t think it will have a huge effect on the rank and file BMW crowd though, it’s just too expensive.

    But wouldn’t it be nice if someday you could get a BMW offering that was affordable, street legal, but geared for the track from the factory, without having to get “performance parts” or whatever from BMW or aftermarket? Brakes, roll bar, seats, harness ready, adjustable suspension, bare bones otherwise for weight reduction… My hopes were high with the tii concept that this someday might see the light of day, but those hopes were dashed. Economically it’s probably not feasible for BMW to do something like this, but if you could order something like that up and build it, they would come…

    Maybe not in huge numbers, but there’d be a market. Despite the downturn in the economy, interestingly the track seems to be as crowded as ever….

  • Pat H.

    Dear BMW,

    Please please please please carry the fixed roof over to a production Z4 M Coupe. Please.



  • lava

    if they are going to develop the coupe roof for the GT3 then it would make sense to spread the cost overa Z4M as well, no?

  • JonPD

    I would love to see M pick up the Z4 with the M3’s monster motor. Hopefully with the fixed roof from the Z4 GTS3 I would love to see M pick this car up and make it something special. Still funny M has problems building a car with a metal folding roof (not that I have much love for convertibles) while they are happy to product SUV M’s lol.

  • JonPD

    Still say to develop it soon so we can see what has to be the final product with what is one of my favorite motors to date from BMW. Forced induction is ok but lacks the connection to my driving soul of a high rpm v8.

  • Michael Kull

    I would definitely buy one and put my order in as soon as BMW confirms that there will be a new Z4m coupe with current V8 M3 motor. Michael Kull Australia