Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from BimmerFile

We ‘d like to wish everyone happy holidays as we close out 2009. It ‘s been an incredible year at BimmerFile and we owe it all to you the readers. We ‘ll be taking the next few days off (or at least trying to) as we gear up for next week, next year and of course the Detroit Auto Show. So until then, thanks and cheers!

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  • To our loyal readers, thanks for all the support over the past years. We’ll keep bringing you the stories and news you want to read and hear about related to our favorite marquee- BMW, in the coming weeks and new year. We may take a brief break, have some holiday nog and spend time with the one’s we love. Hopefully Santa will give us a little snow so we can romp a little with our rear wheel drive, stick shift sleighs!

    Happy Holidays to all, and Prost!


  • Dasboost

    Thank you for bringing us informative posts of a car company we are all truly passionate about.

    Happy Holidays.