335d European Delivery: The Diesel Driver

To take a slight break from NAIAS, we are happy to introduce you to our good friend Jonathan Spira ‘s latest endeavor into the blogosphere- The Diesel Driver. TDD is an online publication focussing on the experience of owning and driving diesel powered automobiles.The site provides reviews and information about diesel models from the classics to future offerings.

Of course this is relevant to us at BimmerFile because the main focus of the site will be Jonathan ‘s recent acquisition of a 335d via European Delivery. As I have said a thousand times before: “There is no better way to get your next BMW than via European Delivery! “Jonathan wholeheartedly agrees with that view and recently left his baby to be placed on a ship bound for the US of A. I am jealous of his latest pick-up as the 335d is one of my favorite cars currently on the road and it has been a few months since I was in Germany drinking the fabulous Augustiner!

So without further ado here is an excerpt from a recent post:

On December 30, I left my brand new 335d in the care of the E.H. Harms, a unit of BLG Logistics, in Munich.Harms is BMW’s shipping agent and takes care of all aspects of shipping the car to the United States, including booking passage and customs brokerage. Harms booked the 335d on the Wallenius Wilhelmsen MV Manon, voyage CQ002-MAN, which left Bremerhaven today heading for Göteborg, Sweden.

For the full story and other offerings including his backstage pass through the Welt and BMW manufacturing in Munich click on over to The Diesel Driver.

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  • Ed Sommers

    Wow, I am really glad you wrote about the Diesel Driver. I wasn’t familiar with this publication before. I was on the fence about getting a 335d but I just spent about an hour going through the articles on the site and I’ve e-mailed my CA placing an order (pick up in Munich of course). Thanks Bimmerfile!

  • Ed- You’re welcome. We have covered the Diesels here at BF extensively as well, from reviews to in depth views of the emissions systems and even a podcast with Dave Buchko from BMWNA. Between BF and TDD I am sure you were very well informed on all things diesel and Euro delivery. Enjoy the car, I am sure you will be pleased!